cervix monitoring in pregnancy

Hi folks. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy is classified as high risk.. I had lletz done in July under general anaesthetic.  They had to remove a large area and the dr said she'd left me with a little bit of cervix. 

I've had several first trimester miscarriages (before lletz) and a d & following one of those miscarriage. My husband will not try for another baby if we lose this one because we can't cope with another loss. I am also mid thirties and have two much older children (before lletz and not my husband's children). I'm very worried about the prospect of cervical incompetence given the d &c and lletz. I had planned on requesting cervical scans to monitor my length and check for funnelling and midwife referred me to a consultant who I see in a few weeks. However from what I read, it appears the nhs may not monitor me for cervical incompetence until I've actually had a second trimester loss.

Has anyone had cervical scans on the nhs to monitor possible incompetence post lletz without having had to go through the trauma of a loss? 

Hi Lucile,

This is nowhere close to my experience at all, so I'm on extremely thin ice here, but if, when you see the consultant in a few weeks time, it is confirmed that the NHS won't monitor you for cervical incompetence until you've actually suffered a second trimester loss, then wouldn't it be worth going private? Just this one time?

Be lucky


I did look into it but unfortunately the nearest private place is at the other end of the country 

Hi lucile,

i had my cervix monitored during my pregnancy due to various procedures on it for abnormal cells in the past 6 years & I've not experienced a loss before (this was my first pregnancy).

Mine was absolutely fine, no stitch needed & I went full term (10 days over actually!) and gave birth to a little girl 6 weeks ago. Keep positive :) wishing you all the very best for this pregnancy. I understand how nerve wrecking it is.


I had a radical trachelectomy and my cervix was monitored every 3-4 weeks during my pregnancy (delivered a healthy boy at 34 weeks). I was also prescribed progesterone. It's not normally used for this purpose but what it does is maximise the production of cervical mucus, so reducing the chance of infection and preterm labour. I also had a permanent cerclage fitted during my trachelectomy. These might be good ideas to discuss with your consultant. Fingers crossed for you.