Pregnant and called in for a LLETZ

I had a colposcopy 9 weeks ago after they found low grade abnormal cells in my smear so I’ve now been asked to go in for a LLETZ. The problem is that in the 9 weeks it took for the results to come through I’ve fallen pregnant. I still have to go to my LLETZ appointment in a couple of weeks to talk to the consultant but now I’m worried about a couple of things:

  • if the colposcopy had found actual cancer, would they have just sent a letter asking me to go in for a LLETZ, or would I have been referred to another team? and can I now assume that what’s been found is pre-cancerous?

  • if it is precancerous what have other people done in this position? I read that cervical cancer is fairly slow to develop so usually is it ok to continue the pregnancy and then receive a LLETZ afterwards?

Sorry if these questions don’t have right or wrong answers, I know everyone is different but I’m just curious about the process and would like to know what I’m likely walking into when I go for my appointment. Also It’s Sod’s law that I managed to get pregnant in this window as had been trying for quite a long time and thought we had missed the window this month.

My situation is slightly different but I had a smear in August 2020 and it showed HPV but no changes so they told me to come back the following August to check again. I found out early August I was pregnant, the GP still wanted to do my smear but my midwife advised against it. Anyway, when baby was 3 months old (2 years after my HPV smear) I was called for a smear and it showed HPV and high grade/ severe changes, I had the colposcopy last Friday and waiting on Biopsy results although she couldn’t see anything untoward. I would try your best to put it to the back of your mind as it can go away on it’s own sometimes but if not it usually develops very slowly. I hope this has helped. I’m sure they’ll be able to put your mind at ease more though x

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Hi there, I’m in a similar situation (sorry I’ve just come across your thread). How has your journey been? Did you have the LLETZ whilst pregnant? You must be almost due now

So I ended up with CIN3 cells in my biopsy which I found out when I went to my LLETZ appointment. But I didn’t have the LLETZ that day, just another colposcopy to check the cells. They said they wouldn’t have done one unless the cells had changed in appearance or got bigger so that was a relief.

I went on to have my little boy in May, and I’ve got to go back in for my LLETZ on the 24th July. As long as everything looks ok at the check up colposcopy they go in about 12 weeks after the birth to then get rid of those cells. I’ll be glad when that’s done, although not looking forward to it! I hope that helps? Happy to answer anymore questions about my experience with it!