Post LLETZ smell -warning TMI!!

Sorry if any of you are squeamish or are eating your dinner but I'm unsure as to whether I should bother trying to get an appointment with my doctor if my problem is normal.

I had a Colposcopy and LLETZ 8 days ago, from which I had only a little bleeding and pain after. Since I have just had a very watery discharge with the commonly mentioned 'black bits' 

this doesn't concern me too much, but I am worried about the 'pong'! 

Nothing to start with, but at work on Tuesday (5th day after LLETZ) I thought one of my colleges had bad wind, until I realised that the small was actually me! Blush!!! I changed my sanitary towel immediately but within an hour or two the smell returned, and if I don't change it within about two hours I can smell it again.

I have absolutely no pain, fever or any other symptoms indicating an infection but I am bathing/showering at least once, if not twice every day. No one else has mentioned the smell, but they may just be too polite to say. 

Has anyone else had similar without an infection? I would really like to not have to bother the doctor with this if it is normal!


The great thing about this site is that we are free to talk about all those horrible things we have to deal with but you might not want to talk about face to face. After my treatment I had a bit of a wiff going on too and wondered if I had an infection starting but had no other symptoms, the smell was kind of like a metallicy boiled cabbage, nice eh! I was really concious of it but it gradually lessend over a week or so. In light of the fact that i never went to the gp or had antibiotics, didnt dop dead and healed well, I can only assume it wasnt due to infection. Dont get me wrong I couldnt possible tell if you do or dont have an infection just that you may not need to be overly concerned unless you develop other symptoms.

I know its not nice being concious of having a smell hanging around you, my other half said he couldnt really notice it much, but he may have just been trying to make me feel better. Hope you feel more like yourself soon.

Thanks for your responce Niki. Coincidentally, the following day the 'black bits' stopped and so did the smell! :-) very happy girly now! So it appears that funky smelling discharge after a LLETZ without any other symptoms is not an immediate worry, despite what many other sites and pamphlets say :-)

Im so glad ive found this forum, so many of my other questions have been answered too!

I am so relieved to have found this site, and this post! I am 3 days post LLETZ, and the watery discharge has started, along with the smell. Ugh. I’m so conscious of it, especially since I work in a job that has me in very close contact with people all day, and it’s so uncomfortabl! I asked my partner if he could smell it and he has said that he can’t, but I feel like it’s all I can smell!!! As I have no other symptom, like everyone else, I can only assume that it’s just a normal part of the healing process, but it sure does make me feel better knowing that it’s not just me! 

I'm the same...

10 days post Lletz and have that 'odour' 3 days now. Its really bad. But no other symptoms.

Please god its gone soon. 

How long did it last for you's  

In also experiencing the same I had mine done Monday the 11th and a smell has only just started yesterday .. I'm wondering if we think everyone can smell it and it's all we can smell is a physiological thing because we know it's there .. Hate the thought of others smelling it ... Not Nice thanks girls it's good to have people who are going through the same for some reassurance ! Hope you all recover soon :) xx x

So glad to have found this post! New here and I have been sitting quietly having an anxiety fit at work due to 'the smell'! I had my first LLETZ done 4 days ago, and whilst the procedure in itself wasn't particularly traumatic and I've had hardly any pain since, I've had thin watery discharge since yesterday and it smells horrible and I'm SO conscious of it, I won't let my partner round my flat til it goes. Oops. I don't have any pain at all nor experienced any bleeding (just the funny little black bits). I really really want to have a long scented Lush hot bath but was advised not to, so gentle showering with Femfresh will have to do. So glad to read I'm not alone, I was so miserable earlier - psychologically it's really affecting and I'm hiding at my desk!

Hooray for Google and this forum!

I had my Lletz procedure on Aug 8th, 10 days ago.

Still suffering with the unpleasant funk in my sannies, it's got my anxiety/depression in a bit of a spiral, I'm regular with upkeep and staying fresh, but I swear it makes no difference!!

I had a proper day of cramps and bleeding on Tuesday (day 6) now no pain or blood, just the funk!

When does it end??cryembarassed

 I'm scared to ask my partner and I sit next to a new person at work (v.inappropriate to ask him if he can smell anything iron/blood smelling around me surprised


I had "the smell" about 5 or 6 days after my lletz. After a couple of pints of Saturday night bad decision making, i decided to sleep without pants or a sanitary towel! Woke up damp and stinky! Spent the day rearranging work in case I had to take Monday off to see the doc re infection (and sniffing myself to see if it was getting worse!) Also had the bits coming out thing that day. Woke up Monday morning to find I was bleeding and the smell was much more of a normal "periody" smell. Went to work and all was fine.

They only ever warn you that bad smell = infection whereas most women seem to experience it to some extent.

I'm experiencing the exact same thing! I have to go back to work Monday and so conscious the smell won't go.. I had my Lletz done under GA 4 days ago and no biopsy was taken prior to my Surgery at the Colposcopy appt? This has worried me a little. I have an appt in 3 weeks to discuss results?