Infection? Newbie

Hi everyone

first of all I'd like to say how amazing I've found reading these chats the last week. Really supportive.

I had a colposcopy and lletz on Tuesday. I'm really sorry but does anybody have experience of infection? I have no pain. Just erm it smells strong now. I'm still mucky, with brown watery discharge.

once again, sorry. Thankyou if you can help xx

Lisa x

1st April : abnormal smear, high grade dyskaryosis

7th April : colposcopy and lletz

I had a lot of pain and smelly discharge. The discharge smell got so bad I was scared others could smell it through my clothes. See your gp! As within two days of antibiotics the smell cleared so it probably shouldn't smell bad at all. Better to be safe than sorry - see your gp

Thankyou. I am waiting for the doctors to phone!

completely understand your comment re discharge and clothes!

thankyou xx

It's awful isn't it. I had really bad pain but other than that felt ok - I wasn't sure whether the pain was normal after lletz. However when I went to the doctors I actually had a high temperature so it's worth getting checked x

Well they've taken a swab of the disccharge so not sure what that was about!

2 lots of antibiotics xx 

I was put on two lots antibiotics too. I didn't have to have swabs though thankfully. It should start to clear up now x

Thankyou xx 

good luck with your results. How do u feel? X

Hi there 

This happened to me too after LLETZ . Was awful - i was so conscious was worried everyone could smell me . :-(

I ignored it tho - then ended up with a heavy bleed which I was told was probably infection and ended up with a 7 day course of antibiotics . No swab but they were going to, if it didn't clear  up but it did . Hope you feel better soon 


I too left mine lornie as I wanted to make sure it was an Infection and because I was sick of people prodding around down there was I was in so much pain lol. 


I feel fine now.. The antibiotics definitely worked - you'll be back to your usual self by the end of the week! (Odour free too! Hehe) x