LLETZ a week on!

Well thought I would do a little update! Its been nearly a week since I had the LLETZ procedure done under GA, took a few days for the GA to get out of my system, started to feel normal on Friday I would say.

Still in lots of discomfort especailly when sitting down, which doesnt help when I have to sit at a desk all day! 

The doctor did sign me off for two weeks which I thought was a little extreme, but maybe he was right!

I have had quite a lot of pain, all over my tummy and back, especially in my kidney area, been taking regular co-codamal which has helped slightly.

I had little bits of yellow brown discharge which has increased in the last day or so, which I must admit smells so bad! Not sure if this is normal for it to smell quite so bad!!!!! I am waiting for a call from my doctor just to discuss this with him :/ Anyone else had a smell with theres??


Hi Lucy,

The smell could be a sign of an infection. I had this too and was put on a course of antibiotics for a week. I was the same at work, sitting down did not help. I took a cushion in on my first day back which helped a little but I still had to go home early cause I couldn't sit down any longer. I'd take all the time off you feel you need, especially if you have the 2 week sick note.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi Lucy, you did the right thing to call your doctor re the smell, he's likely to prescribe antibiotics which should clear up any infection quickly. If you're signed off for that long, then completely relax and look after yourself. xxx

Yes I must admit it really really smells to the point where I only have a small amount of discharge but I have to change the pad because of the smell, but it has smelt from day one!!!!??

I am waiting for a call back from the doctor so will see what he says - its amazed me reading stores about everyones personal experiences through this procedure, just goes to show how everyones body is totally different!!!


Well i spoke to the doctor, I need to go and have some swabs taken later this afternoon :( I have come home from work, been told to rest!