Odd smell after LLETZ



I had my LLETZ procedure on Friday and apart from a little cramping on Friday eve when I assumed the anaesthetic had worn off I have been absolutely fine. I''ve had no pain, no bleeding etc. I have had a very little, light brown discharge but nothing to bother me over. However over the past 2 days I have noticed an odd smell and i'm not sure if I need to be worrying. It is following me around everywhere and i'm concerned others can smell it too. Has anyone else experienced this?



This is quite normal based on mine and others experiences on here and is likely the smell of the solution they used, if it doesn't ease up though and you feel unwell in yourself it might be worth calling the doctor. Xxx

Hey! I was literally just searching the forums for this! Had mine (lletz) the day before yours and have felt like i have a smell following me round (i have asked my very honest friend and she says she can't smell anything). I'm pretty sure its just the burnt flesh as mine seems to be falling out of me (its really black, not even brown blood coloured?)!

Anyone else also super sick of wearing pads? It's too hot and making me feel even grosser (i'm worried about thrush or something) going to risk no pad and cotton pants tonight- wish me luck!

I have been exactly the same although think I may have an infection as had lots of pain the last few days along with the odd smell! : ( I'm off to the docs this morning! 

Dogdog I'm with you on that one....far too hot to be wearing them!!

Good luck with your results everyone!

Sarah x 

Thanks for the responces guys. The smell is still present and it's starting to annoy me a little and wondering when it will go! I'm sure people around me can smell it. I keep reading about these black bits but i've not had anything, barely and discharge. Is that normal?

When will the smell stop.


I've not really had any black bits either just the constant liquid (sorry maybe tmi!! haha) and smell!!....and pain..had mine done on the 3rd August, when did you have yours?x

I had mine 7th August. Ive had no pain whatsoever so I'm ruling out an infection, am I right to do that?

I had a really bad smelling discharge from the second day or so after the LLETZ and just didn't feel right (not a lot of pain or bleeding but very tired and nausea) so I contacted my GP and he prescribed antibiotics straight away. Was fine after a few days of those.

Aren’t these forums great? I was worrying I may have an infection down there after having the loop carried out on the 10/01/18 so six days ago. The smell is horrible and the watery discharge makes me feel like i have wet myself. its worse at night! I only had brown bitty discharge for 3-4 days. How longs did everyone’s smell last for?? 

OMG I’m sooo happy I found this forum...I had a Lletz 8 days ago and from day 2 I've had a horrible smelling discharge and excruciating pain in my lower stomach, back and sometimes shooting pains down my leg.

When I first contacted the Doc jhe said he doesn't think it’s infected as the issues happened immediately after the Lletz.

I feel like everyone around me can smell me and I also always feel like I've wet myself (I NEVER usually use pads)

This is really getting me depressed. I can't believe with all the feedback I’m reading that there isn't anyone doing more research into this.

Got another doctor’s appointment tomorrow so fingers cross he will give me some answers.

So pissed as when you have it done they make it seem like it’s a very low chance of any issues after (well not according to these forums) good luck all if I get any info that will help I will ensure to share.

Hi all, 

I just want to say to anyone reading this that does have smelly discharge to go to the GP for a check as you might need antibiotics. Even if you don't fell ill in yourself it might just be a bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis.

I had LLETZ 6 days ago, started getting clear discharge that smelt odd (like I hadn't washed in forever or like sour milk???) around day 2-3. I thought it might be just chemicals/side affects of the treatment so left it for another few days. MISTAKE as the smell got worse and worse and now is unbelievably bad (like death!!!Frown). I realised something wasn't right yesterday. I remembered I had a Canestan thrush vs bacterial vaginosis test so I did it at home and it showed BV. I rang 111 (in the UK) as it was Saturday night and they got a GP to ring back. He was able to prescribe Metronidazole antibiotics for me over the phone which I collected from a walk in centre without having to wait. He said ideally I should get swabbed down there but I didn't want to wait 4 hours in the walk in centre nor let anyone near me it was that bad. If these antibiotics don't work, I will go to my GP to get swabbed. (Note I also see they do these tablets in Superdrug online for £18 but you have to put your symptoms in for the doctor to review). 

I don't think BV is dangerous, it's just rather unpleasant. I would urge anyone having strange symptoms (especially if you feel unwell in yourself) to ring/see a doctor just in case. 





Hi All

I had mine on the 1st of March. Didn't really had bad smell nor bleeding the few days. But however after maybe 10 days I noticed that I smell bad down there and couldn't stand it. I also had some bloodish discharge and I decided to call my Doc and he sent me a prescription. I am now done with the antibiotics but the smell is still there. When I called him he said maybe it was some kind of infection. I don't really wear pads as I feel that when am wearing them the smell is bad but opted to wear panty liners and when I go to work I have 5 of them for the day and along with some wipes to keep me fresh but that doesn't really help as it is not taking away the bad smell. I am really frustrated coz my mom just told me that I have a fishy smell mind you I just took a shower. My appointment is next week and already called the doctor and the antibiotics didn't help I feel like maybe there is something wrong as my lower part of the abdomen is a little sore and I feel some tenderness. Wouldn't want to do this treatment again. I really hope it's not something serious really. 

Hi all, new to this forum stuff and just needed to vent. I have been so stressed about all this. I have rang in to work sick today because of that liquid and the smell. So glad I am not the only one with this. I keep waking up at night with it all over me too. Sorry to much info. My partner said he can smell me. This is really getting me down. Had loop  done on 7th of March with Cin2 and 3. Has anyone that had it done a while ago has your smell gone after its healed. Can I also ask for people with partners. Was it ok to have sex after the 4 weeks. I feel I am going to be scared. Eek. Thanks everyone embarassed

Hi Jessica


Am new to this forum too, but wanted to comment as this is the most recent post I have seen. 

Has your smell stopped? Mine took around a week but it has eased off now. 

I'm really getting down as I haven't exercised and I'm looking for advice on people returning to exercise? I see so much conflicting advice! 

I also am nervous about having sex for the first time too! 



Hey ladies

i am equally grateful to have found this forum! 

Seems we are all in the same boat with the discharge and smell! I saw my gyno today and told him about the smell and he wasn’t worried, have to remember we all had burning etc happen so it’s going to have some kind of weird side affects! 

I had my surgery 8 days ago, with the smell starting about 4. I think everyone can smell it, but apparently they can’t. I don’t have any pain, so not worried on an infection. My gyno also said expect the brownish discharge as it’s just the cervix healing and scabbing from the burn, you will have the burn scab fall off and discharge out. 

Im going back to the gym tmrw, and gyno said wait another 3 weeks roughly to have sex.

Hope this helps you ladies too, fingers crossed the smell goes sooner rather than later! 


Hi everyone,

 I had my procedure done on 1/31/2020. I had to go back after two weeks do to heavy bleeding and blood clots. My doctor did stop the bleeding with the peanut butter looking stuff, I had nothing coming out for about 2 days. Since then I’ve been wearing panty liners and changing them even if I have a drop on it. The smell is awful...smells like death! I just want to know how long does this smell last?!

Hi Everyone, 

So glad i found this post too, had LLETZ 8 days (following CAG1 results) ago and the clear/yellow liquid is still there, and a smell that is i can only describe as fusty, fed up of feeling damp and getting through lots of pads and i'm also paranoid my partner (new) can smell despite lots of showers and clothes changing. Im guessing its not infection as its not a fishy smell or any other discharge. does anyone know how many days or weeks this generally lasts for from the point of procedure to the no more smell/liquid?

Also a bit nervous about the first time sex after this procedure so in 3 weeks time

Hi, so I had my colproscopy and Lletz procedure done in August 2020 - CIN2 - typical issues following, horrendous pain (excruciating I nearly passed out, sweats shakes felt sick the whole lot) with the first 2 periods and a bit heavier flow with the offensive burning type smell. I've booked my follow up smear this week - a bit late granted but covid messed everything up. The past 2 months when it's been 5-6 days before my period I've had that familiar burning type smell. I got paranoid last month saw a GP and took a weeks course of metronidazole incase it was bv, although the GP was confident it wasn't BV but we agreed on the meds to be sure. It's that time again and the smell is back. I'm going to speak to the nurse about it when I see her this week but I wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced this? I use the special ph femcare soap and have done for months so nothings changed in that respect. 
Thank you ??

Hi there,

I'm just grateful to have found this forum, as I don't like to bother medical professionals with my inane questions - especailly when I have found most of the answers on here! Post LLETZ (12 days ago) the smell is really bothering me and I'm not sure whether I should speak to the doctor. It is a strong fishy/ammonia smell. Also, I haven't had periods for over 12 years because I had a mirena coil fitted, but that was obviously removed before the procedure. I am now experiencing blood clots - not huge ones and the blood is bright red but I'm still not sure whether this is normal.

Any advice or signposting to posts that already have dealt with concerns similar to mine would be gratefully received. embarassed

Hi all,

New here but nice to know I'm not alone in this. Had Lletz 5 days ago and noticed yesterday and today a very bad smell and yellowish waterly discharge. Thinking of calling GP tomorrow. Or to wait for a day or two. But I have a feeling that everyone around me can smell this awful smell.