Post LLetz recovery fine?

Hi all,

Like a few other posts I’m concerned at how well I’m recovering following my lletz 23rd March, and expecting something terrible to happen. I have had the watery discharge mentioned before, with a bit of yellowing and today going slightly browner.

Had my smear in February and returned home a few weeks later to two letters telling me I’m hpv+Ve and had moderate dyskarosis which was a shock after 2 previous clear smears (I’m 32). Was also then distraught they recommended the lletz during my colposcopy and I probably shouldn’t have zoned out so much while it was happening because now I’m not convinced on what she said for follow up (although my letter says smear in 12months), Ill just have to wait and see? When I sat up afterwards a fair bit of blood/staining solution come out immediately and I’ve seen nothing similar since.

So as I’m feeling fine and keeping an eye on the discharge, am I just to expect this scab to fall off and some blood and maybe more discharge? I also wonder if anyone has returned to any sexual activity (not oral or penetrative) before the 4 week advisory note?

I just feel confused and mildly worried because of all I’ve read on here!