Lletz January 2021 - still having issues

Hi ??‍♀️ 

I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences?

Had my lletz treatment for CIN 3 11/01/21 and 6 weeks later I had a letter to say the should have removed it all and to be tested in 6 months. Problem is 2 months after my lletz I was still getting discharge which was quite yellow so the doctor put me on strong antibiotics for 2 weeks as they thought it was an infection. I'm now 3 months post lletz and I'm still sore at the cervix, can feel it. I've not been having sex and been having minimal baths. It seems strange to me that we don't get checked afterwards. 

has anyone had similar afterwards? Wish the doctors would be honest and upfront about the treatment and recovery instead of acting like it's nothing

That sounds so hard. I am due a lletz within the month and I get the impression that it very much varies woman to woman how it affects them.

I would insist to be seen and not take no for an answer - ask your GP for a referral 

it's simply not acceptable for recovery to be carrying on this long 

Oh no Candy, I'm sorry to hear this. I have seen it mentioned on the forum before about a Facebook group for people having difficulties after LLETZ. I'm not sure what it is called but it may help you to see what others did in similar situations.


I feel completely healed after my LLETZ on the 26th Jan and, discharge, sex, and bathing have all been fine but I'm about to start over on Monday with a second LLETZ.


I'm not worried about the procedure, but am worried about the recovery. I've booked the week off this time.


Can you call your colposcopy clinic up directly and ask to speak to the colposcopy nurse? X


so sorry to see you are going back through it all so soon, last post I read was that you just had CIN3 so hopefully they can just cut out the C.

thanks both for the messages. It seems to be settling down again now. I spoke to a doctor that said the cervix can actually take up to 12 months to fully heal. It is dependent on the person but also the amount/area removed and it sounds like mine was quite a bit. 


I'm really glad things are improving. 
My cervix took longer than it should have done to heal even after the punch biopsy. I think advice to leave 48 hours for sex isn't long enough. Took about a month to settle down and was bleeding for ages. I had a look ( as own a speculum) and blood was definitely from there. 

Hope things carry on improving for you x