whats after LLETZ?

Hi everyone


I went for a colposcopy at the beginning of August ad had a LLETZ. I have just had a letter saying the result was CIN and that i require treatment. I have tried calling the clinic but no answer and wondered if anyone had any idea what happens next, just know i wont sleep thinking about it!



You had the LLETZ at the same time as your colposcopy?

If that's that's  the case and you still need treatment then perhaps they didn't manage to get all the CIN. I hope you manage to get in touch with the clinic soon so they can explain further. Sometimes the letters are so confusing and put us into a right flat spin.

Hugs xx

Hi everyone.

Following my first smear, colopscopy and LEEP procedure, I was found with severe abnormal changes which turned out to be CIN2 and CIN3 with unclear margins (after LEEP). I rang up the hospital today and it was confirmed I have CIN 2 and 3, however my letter from the hospital states they are discharging me now and just have to attend a smear (test of cure) in 6 months. I don't understand after physically seeing and taking a copy of the actual doctors results stating that they cannot confirm excision from transformation zone of these cells following my LEEP 2 weeks ago.

How can they leave CIN 3 in the cervix for 6 months knowing that they possibly haven't removed all bad cells. I feel very worried and don't understand how the doctors results can be so different from the letter the hospital sends patients. I think I'll drive myself mad waiting 6 months, only to be told CIN3 is still there or worse. 

Has anyone else experienced similar to this? Please help settle my nerves! Thank you

Haynat1, it will probably be another LLETZ that you have. I had to have 2 to get rid of CGIN.