LLETZ - Recovery Period

Hi all,

I only found this forum a few weeks ago, but it’s been a great source of comfort for me and I’ve felt less alone whilst on my own journey through a colposcopy and biopsy. It’s been so positive to read all the encouraging posts, learn more, and read how people have supported each other :relaxed:

I found out from the result of my recent biopsy that I have CIN-2 and need the LLETZ procedure. I’m a bit worried about the recovery period following this procedure - is anyone able to describe how it felt for them, and how it impacted them in the following days and weeks?

Thank you, sending lots of love and strength!

Hi I had the lettz back in June dr/nurses were super nice talked me through it all. Was in and out in half hour had some bleeding and cramping for a few weeks, seems to bleed then settle then get a little worse again heard it can be totally normal.
I’m no expert I have been on Google and these sites religiously unfortunately I have more cells so more treatment is needed likely just waiting on biopsy results.
You’re not alone hope it goes well. Ps I also could smell the burning skin :sweat_smile::laughing: one love :heartpulse:

Hi @Jessie

Glad to hear you’re finding comfort from the forum! It’s been an absolute godsend for me since my procedure so it’s great you’ve found it so early. I’d also recommend the short term healing from LLETZ/LEEP group on Facebook which has loads of advice and stories.

I’m 5 weeks out from my LLETZ for CIN2. The procedure itself was fine, a little uncomfortable but over very quickly. From my experience and from the many other posts I’ve read (had Covid during recovery so had a lot of reading time on my hands :joy:) it seems to follow a similar pattern (but not always)… for me it was…

Week 1: overall feeling okay… cramps, watery discharge, but veeerry hormonal/emotional (this didn’t last long thankfully)

Week 2: fooled by how well week 1 was, I went for a gentle walk - big mistake, ended up with an infection (heavy bleeding, stabbing cervix pains). Around day 10-14 the scab falls off so bleeding around this time is completely normal, but if it’s heavy and you have unusual symptoms it may be an infection

Week 3: infection cleared with antibiotics, bleeding less

Week 4: bleeding and pain stopped, but still taking it easy

My biggest piece of advice is no matter how well you feel after the procedure, please rest up and take it easy. It’s difficult to know what’s going on in there, and I felt really silly following all the advice, but it’s absolutely given for good reason! You’ve had surgery and your body needs time to heal.

Hope this has helped you feel more prepared, it’s a lot easier when you have an idea what to expect. Hope it all goes well lovely xx

Thank you both! :relaxed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Really grateful to hear both of your experiences so I have realistic expectations and can prepare what I need to make the recovery a little more comfortable!
Hope you’re both healing well, sending lots of love! :heartpulse: