2 lots of CIN3 in 6 months

Hello Everyone, 


I have had a look through the forum and although there are women in similar situations I can't find one quite as specific as I'm looking for.


So I had my first smear in December which came back severe dyskaryosis and was sent for a colposcopy. I had the Lletz treatment that day and went on my merry way.


I never received a letter so called the clinic who said 'oh yes your letters here' and the receptionist said my treatment was successful (I have since found out, she should never had said that).


I had my follow up smear in July an within 3 days had a letter for a colposcopy appointment as my results came back severe again.


I have once again had a Lletz procedure and am awaiting the biopsy results.


I am happy waiting and am surprisingly calm about it all, but as it is apparently such a small percentage of women who come back severe after a treatment I wonder if anyone else has been through this and how long this went on for? I can't find anywhere what happens if it unfortunately it came back severe in 6 months time or how many times they can carry out a Lletz procedure.

I woud really appreciate some information or anyones input on their own experiences of this?!


Thank You


Katie :)



Hi Katie,

As you know normally the Lletz treatment gets rid of all the abnormal cells the first time but sometimes women do have to have more than 1 treatment either because not all of the cells were removed the first time or it may be that they have come back. I have heard of some women having 3 Lletz treatments.

There have been a couple of girls on here who have had the same thing they had to have another Lletz and then they were sorted. I know it must be horrible having the abnormal results letter again after treatment as we like to think that its all over after the Lletz and we can move on and forget about it. Were you told you had clear margins after your first Lletz? Xx

Hi Katie, I have been informed that they usually do 3 LLETZ but it obviously depends on the length of your cervix which varies from woman to woman. My clinic said they had performed a 4th LLETZ on one lady x x

Hi Kate,

literature reviews on the successfulness of LLETZ treatment suggest that for 85-95% of women 1 LLETZ treatment is enough, so it is rather unlikely for women to have to have the procedure again. However, this also means that 5-15% of women who have had one treatment, will have to have at least another one. I am afraid you are one of the latter. I can empathise with you and understand you must be feeling frustrated and worried given that you've gone through all of this already. I keep my fingers crossed the treatment runs smoothly though. Try to stay busy and let us know how it all goes. x

Hi this happened to me had my first smear came back severe, biopsies said cin3 had lletz. My results said clear margins then six months later smear came back severe, biopsies confirmed cin3. Had second lletz again results said clear margins and it happened a third time exactly the same results. So I ended up having three lletz in a year and a half. Apparently they can do quite a few lletz depending on the size they are taking away each time. I have just got my first six monthly clear smear and what a relief. I too was fairly calm until after my second lletz when I tried to research into it and find someone in a similar situation. Best of luck xxx

Thank you for your replies! I think I was just panicking becauE the consultant and the nurses were just overly optimistic. They didn't really discuss what would happen with me and just said hopefully it won't come to that. I'd love to think like that but I'm very much the sort of person who likes to think ahead. 



ou have all put my mind at rest a little though so thank you ever so much.