Frustration after 2nd LLETZ

Short re cap, in January of 2022 I had my first lletz after my first smear came back CIN3 where they removed 11mm, 2 weeks ago I had my second where they removed 7mm. The LLETZ itself never bothers me but the recovery both times has been well… annoying inc infection after both times - the inability for long bubbly baths or that other form of you time has taken its toll and it’s quite frankly made me feel very down in the dumps and I really can’t be bothered with the next 4 weeks! And all I can think about is that this time next year I’ll be doing the same thing again. Until they finally agree a hysterectomy another year after that when they can’t take anymore cervix. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this, I suppose it’s just nice to have somewhere to converse with others who understand :slight_smile:


Due to me not having much cervix left, i am due to have a hysterectomy. After my Lletz, they confirmed it wascan incomplete excision. So as a preventative…a hysterectomy was offered. I had CGIN which is futher up the cervix affecting glandular tissue, i believe

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I don’t really know why ive jumped on.
I just feel so anxious. I have extreme gad and health anxiety.
I had a lletz 20 years ago.
Cutting it all down… i had cin2 earlier this year (i have persistent hpv)
Had a lletz under GA in april . 11mm .
Had a follow up smear a month ago and apparently ive got borderline changes after 7 months!!!
Im petrified as i have a colposcopy tomorrow
Im frightened theyll say we’ll do a lletz here and now
I really struggle with the uncomfortableness of the procedure

Im so sorry to drone on.
Just needed to talk xx

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I appreciate you taking the time to reply, from what I saw this time he attempted to get as far into the opening of the cervix as possible but no mention of CGIN in the results letter, I hope your procedure goes well x

Hey , jumping on is absolutely fine :slight_smile: when I went for my test of cure I also had boarder line changes, my lletz was offered on the day but he was also willing to take a biopsy that day and send me away until the results came in, personally I just wanted to get in and out of there and get the lletz done because of the anxiety of waiting on the upcoming appointment, but I think they will book it for another day under general anaesthetic if that would ease your anxiety around it x

I hope tomorrow goes well for you, let us know how you get on xx

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Thankyou :blush:

Ive had a injection into the cervix before , found it painful
Thats why i went for the general anesthetic.

Im frightened if i have it on the day id feel it burning me .

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I will x

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You can definitely ask for it to be done on a different day lovely, but hopefully that’s not needed and you get good results xx

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Hi all…
So w weeks ago i went for a colposcopy because the last smear said borderline abnormalities. The consultant said he could not see anything horrid.
What is correct??
Apparently hes going to tak about it at the next mdt. And discuss whats next.
Even though he had none of my notes (history of lletz and cin2)
I am totally confused in am i ok? Or not,