Dreaded 2nd Lletz

Hi. I had a Lletz back in Jan this year after my smear test showed I was HPV positive and had CIN3. Last month I had my appointment in Colposcopy for the ‘test of cure’. Unfortunately my results showed that I have HPV and high grade dyskaryosis again & have to have a 2nd Lletz this week :frowning: I’m trying hard to stay positive but deep down I’m absolutely dreading it and can’t seem to stop myself googling possible outcomes every time I’m alone. I found the Lletz procedure awful last time (I felt traumatised, and I’m usually quite tough!) and sex hasn’t felt the same since - is this normal? I just don’t seem to be able to feel the same sensations (sorry for tmi!) Also can anyone tell me what might happen if I have the same result in 6 months time?

I had second lletz last week but they did it under general anaesthetic. I feel very tired, but emotionally it was far, far less taxing than the first time when I was awake for it. I would 100% choose general anaesthetic for anything like this in the future if given the choice. Maybe it’s worth considering?

Can’t really tell you what happens next. It all depends what the test results are and then I guess if there are still abnormal cells or HPV, they’ll talk about the options with you.

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PS - it took me about 8 weeks to feel remotely OK afterwards when it came to sex. I think a lot of that was psychological.

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I just had my second lletz on 14/8 /21 as was cin2 cin3 no borderline and it was horrible I was scared to have it again as first one was bit painful but the second was worse I even took painkillers an hour before
The injections that they used to numb the cervix never really numbed mine I felt everything then had 3 blood vessels that were bleeding he had to find they and stop the bleeding as they had to take a deeper lletz and seal them off there was a lot of blood just hated that it was all so painful as I wasn’t numb he gave me 4 needles injections he said the only use 3 but had to give me 4 but didn’t help hopefully they got it all as cin3 I still feel tramatized and would have felt better being knocked out to have the second lletz done .
so the wait begins to find the outcome

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Hi I have been bleeding for 4 weeks now just this week bleeding has stopped and have just got results from the second lletz that I had 14/8/21 and says I have cin1 now and will get smear test in 6 months time just wish it was clear after 2 lletz with cin3 now cin1 and to be checked