Having lletz 7 weeks after colposcopy

Hi, has anyone had lletz and biopsy so long after their colposcopy? The consultant said he couldn’t do lletz or biopsy with local as area was too large he also detected cgin. I was booked in for 4 weeks time after i kept phoning and chasing, which should have been today but im too unwell so will now be in just over 2 weeks time which makes it 7 weeks since colposcopy. Its stressful enough but now im worrying how long its been left with no treatment and it might be getting much worse :frowning:

Hello please don’t worry this is a very slow growing thing so it won’t make a difference. Take care

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Sorry just realised i posted this on the wrong section. Thank you though :slight_smile: im just getting more anxious the longer i wait!

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I also had CGIN and CIN3 treated with Lletz all good :+1:t3: still HPV positive but hopefully will be negative soon but no abnormal cells anymore

Ah thank you, thats made me feel better. I hope you are negative of hpv soon. What happened after your lletz treatment, are you on 6 monthy smears now? X

Hello because I had CIN3 and CGIN they are taking closer checks for me so I had a 3 months 6 months 1 year and I just had my 1 and a half years colposcopy and all good no abnormalities.
I have another one at 2 years and if that one is good I will be put on yearly smears for 10 years.
But is not the normal most people just have a 6 months check and if all good back to normal .
I am going private so maybe different depending on country and other factors.
Take care

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