Cervical Screening 6 months after Lletz

Hello lovely people!
So I’m booked in for my Cervical Screening on 18th February, it’s 6 months after my Lletz procedure.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about it. I’m just hoping that everything is clear this time.
If they haven’t managed to get rid of the CIN3 and the HPV is still present will I just have to go through the same cycle again with the Lletz? Or will it be something different?
Thanks for anyone reading and I hope you’re all okay x

From what I’ve read in other posts, if the CIN is still there, you will likely be offered a second LLETZ. Did they mention clear margins when you had the results back from your first LLETZ?

Chances are that your screening will show no abnormal cells, but you may still show HPV. My Colposcopist told me that 6 months often isn’t enough time for the HPV to clear after treatment, so if it hasn’t and your invited back to colposcopy, if the cells look fine you should go back to routine smears.

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@Soph i got my LLETZ procedure yesterday, with the same thing has you HPV positive with CIN3, did you get anything back after the the procedure? I believe they test what they took away? Let me know how you get on. Hope all goes well x

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Thanks @emmal87 that’s really helpful❤️
They didn’t mention clear margins no, but I’m hoping that they don’t find anything this time and like you say I can just go back to routine smears. I’m just wanting to know worst case scenario if they find abnormal cells and HPV again how many times do you go through the same cycle of treatment? Just all the time until it comes back clear? X

Hi @Lisas43 aw bless you I hope everything went smoothly for you? How’re you feeling now?
I think it’s a strange couple of weeks after the lletz just losing all that brown stinky water and cramping and waiting for results - so my thoughts are with you hun.
Yeah about 3 weeks later I ended up ringing the colposcopy clinic for my results (impatient as ever) and they just said I need to go for another smear in 6 months time😊

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Hello about how many times you can do Lletz depends on your circumstances most people will be offered 2 Lletz some a 3rd one but I believe anymore than 3 is extremely unlikely and next step is Hysterectomy .but most people don’t need any more treatment after 1 or 2 Lletz so keep positive and good luck on your test of cure.


Hi guys.
So just wanted to keep everyone updated I went for my test of cure cervical screening today as it was cancelled on 18th and the nurse who did it kept saying she couldn’t find the opening to my cervix and it was off to the right. She was just about to give in and send me to colposcopy when she found it and got a sample. Is my cervix being off to the right something to worry about? I’m concerned now too that she won’t have got a good enough sample and I’ll have to get it done again. And wait even longer. She said the wait for results is 6-8 weeks. So much waiting. I have everything crossed for a clear result but I’ve never had a clear screening so here’s to hoping xx