Six month review approaching

Hi girls. Hope Ive posted this in the right place. Had an abnormal smear in Dec 2014, colposcopy and removal of CIN 1&2 cells via LLETZand due a review smear pretty soon. Was just wondering if anyone could share their experience with me of how their 6month review after LLETZ went, i.e. if you were all clear or referred for a other colposcopy etc? Hoping i dont have to relive hospitals/surgery/time off exercising and work etc again. Any shared stories would be welcome. Thanks

Hi there

I can't give you any advice but read this and wanted to say I feel exactly the same. Am due mine in September and to be honest it's still on my mind a lot. It would be nice to know others experience . I wish you all the best with your review. X 

Thanks. You too. It's hard to try put it to the back of your mind isn't it? Nothing else for it but to carry on X

Hey girlies, quick post... 

I was HPV positive and had CIN 1, 2 and 3 removed by lletz in March 2014, I had my 6'month review smear in sept 2014, results were normal and even hpv negative :) been put back to 3 year smears (although I'm going to have one annually but privately) I think 3 years is too long incase the HPV is back and actively causing bad cells again. 

Also my friend had HPV + CIN 1, 2 & 3 had the lletz, review 6 months later, her smear result was normal yet Hpv positive, so she got sent back to colposcopy, they had a look, everything was fine, even though her hpv was active it wasn't causing a problem. (At the time) 

but we are both going annually to ensure. 

good luck girlies xxx

Thank you. Im kind of expecting an HPV positive and referral for colposcopy...not sure why...just a gut feeling. Nice to hear two positive stories though :-) Thanks X

Miss H

I feel exactly the same ! I should be pleased that they got all of my CIN3 with LLETZ and the consultant seemed happy .. But I'm worried about the HPV . For me I expect the same as you don't know why . This has bothered me more than the cells !! But there is no choice but to just get through it .. Guess what will be will be . Nice to hear a positive outcome tho so it proves that there is hope .. 

I had cin 2 and Lletz in November 2014. My 6 month smear in April came back negative for cells but positive for hpv. Like you 2 ladies I was expecting that result. I had my colposcopy on Weds 17th June, beforehand the consultant said a lot of Women still have the hpv but no more cells. I have since read 95% of women dont need more than 1 lletz treatment. Unfortunately I did have more cells so had another Lletz and now waiting for biopsy results.

Good luck to you both xx 

Sorry to hear that you had to go through another treatment. Good luck with your biopsy results Xx

Hi Miss H25, I'm in the exact same situation as you. I had CIN1 & CIN2 removed in December and had my follow up last week. I was expecting a colposcopy but they just did a smear and said everything looked good and the LLETZ scar was healing nicely. They said I'll get a letter with either an appt for 2 mths time or 6 mths time. If in 2 mths, it means there was HPV or abnormal cells present. If 6 mths, if means everything was fine. Just waiting on the letter now, half expecting a 2 mth appt, but would be nice to be all cleared up finally! Its very hard to get it off your mind isn't it. I guess its beecause its something that we can't see and can't control and just have to wait for someone to check it for us. Wish there was an easier way!

Hi Miss H25,



I’m due my follow up at the start of August after LLETZ treatment for CIN 2 so understand the worry but just to reassure you my friend has had her results following her 6 month follow up today and all has returned to normal and she’s back to 3 yearly smears! J Fingers crossed we have the same results too!! Good luck and let us know how you get on. Xxxxxx P.S. My mum had LLETZ treatment over 8 years ago and has had normal smears ever since. xxx

I had my abnormal smear in October 2014, had lletz done in november 2014 which showed CIN3 changes.

I had my 6 month review on thursday. It was actually ok but I'm now in that horrid waiting period.

I have quite a bad feeling about the results but trying to stay positive! 

Good luck to you all x

Due my 6 month follow up smear at the GP's in 2 weeks after LLETZ for CIN3. Ever so slightly bricking it but trying to keep distracted. Struggling to shake the looming feeling I will end up back in the colpo clinic though, despite the stats saying otherwise



Hi new to this & no to sure if I'm on correct page . I had abnormal smear cin 3 last June . Had leetz done in July was told everything was fine . Then received letter in December saying they had looked more closely& wanted me to go back for 2nd biopsy . Came back clear & no treatment needed at that time . Had follow up appointment on 10th oh June . Phoned hospitil for to ask for results because I had not heard anything back . Was told mild abnormalities again & was to go back to see consultant & for another colposcopy. My anxiety levels are through the roof. There hasn't been any mention of hpv . No to sure if I've been checked for that . X