Lletz results

Hi ladies 


just after a bit of advice and reassurance. So I’ve finally received my biopsy results after 5 weeks and lots of chasing. The letter says that after looking at the histology of lletz the prescene Of cin 3 along with other grades of cin Has been found. It also says I will need a smear in 6 months along with the test of cure. 


Im assuming this means everything is fine but guess I just don’t really understand


thanks in advance ladies 




with you falling in the CIN 3 catergory do you not need to go in and have some further treatment?

I’m waiting on my results and been told if it’s CIN 1 I’ll have a screening test in 6 months but 2 or 3 I’d need to go back to have treatment x


thank you for your reply. I probably should have said I had a colposcopy and then a week later had a lletz under ga. They have now said I don’t need anything until my 6 month smear and test of cure?




Yes, that sounds like good news - it’s standard to test again at six months, and if they were worried you’d be in having further treatment asap. I’m in the same situation, got my LLETZ results yesterday (CIN2 excised, follow up in six months), and so glad I can forget about it until next year! 

Hope that helps x


thank you so much for your response. I think I was just a little confused as I know other people seemed to mention their results said about having or not having clear margins and that it had all been excised. I’m just gonna assume as it didn’t say anything that they did manage to remove it all. 


Im def with you for forgetting about it till next year who knew waiting for results would put a hold on things. 


Hope everuthing at your 6 months is ok and thank you again for your reply. 


No problem, I know how stressful it all is and how even small uncertainties can freak you out. Yes everyone seems to get slightly different wordings - margins, or excised, or something else - but if there was a concern I’m sure they wouldn’t wait six months. Fingers crossed we’ll both get good results in 2019...! x