Post lletz advise please!

Hi everyone! im just here again looking for some more advise, I had my lletz and colposcopy done today under ga! but feeling slightly confused, nurseing staff were great but once op was done I was rushed out quite quickly! The surgeon didn't come round for a chat and i was under the impression they would! Befor leavening the nurse came round and just said we have booked you in for 6 months times for a follow up appointment! Does this mean all went well and I don't have any worrys! I thought they would have done some more biopsy but nothing was mentioned or written in the notes! from reading other ladies stories I thought I may here back soon just confirming what they found was what they thought in the first place atleast! Feel like not much has been explained! Should I take it as that's that now! Any adive or similar stories would be really appriciated! Thanks in advance

Hi hun

It does sound like they posted out of the door quick-smart! Mind you, I did get the chat with the consultant after mine (also under GA) and it wasnt really very informative. They told me much the same as they told you.

So here is what happens: the bit they lopped off gets sent to the lab and analysed. This will tell them 2 things: the CIN level that they finally removed, and whether they got 'clear margins'. They try to get some clear space around the affected area and this is what the 'clear margins' refers to.

You'll get another letter from them in a month or so, not terribly enlightening if mine was anything to go by, which will hopefully tell you "CIN3 removed successfully" or whatever level you had.

The in 6 months time you have a follow up colposcopy to make sure that there are no abnormal cells remaining. That's the 6 month appointmnet that thay were talking about.

Hope that helps!


I had my lletz done at the same time as colposcopy a month ago. Because they did it at the same time they didn't do a seperaye biopsy just sent tissue they removed in lletz off. I got a results letter 3 weeks later. It's a horrible wait but i think it's definitely just s case of no news is good news xx

Thank you for your replies! It's just so fustrateing that they don't explain This properly! I hate being in the dark! hate having things on my mind and not knowing xx