Results are in, confused

Hello all,

i had my lletz procedure on 9th July. Had infection etc but all seems well Now. Just got my results letter and it said "the results have shown CIN3". My biopsy showed the same. All it says is that they don't need to see me again and go to my dr for 6 month smear test.

is that it? Has the CIN3 all gone? Does it means only CIN3 was found and no cancerous cells? I'm really confused by my 3 lines letter



Hi there :) I hate it when you receive results and have no idea what they mean! So the piece of cervix they removed during lletz will have been sent off to be examined under a microscope and all they are saying in your results letter is that they can confirm there was cin3 present, as they suspected from the biopsies, but it has all been removed with the lletz so there is no need to have further treatment. No cancer and CIN3 all gone :). The 6 month followup is standard for anyone who's had abnormal cells at a smear. Now you can relax and get back to 'normal'! Hope that helps. Give the hospital a ring if you'd feel better having some clarification xxx


I was the same - lots of worry and anxiety and then a letter that didn't really tell me much except that CIN3 was found in Lletz sample and it has been removed - back in 6 months.  So just take it for what it is - as JoJo says - no cancer was found and they are happy to just see you in 6 months for a follow up check.

JoJo - see you are in for cone this week - hope all goes well an they get rid of those nasties for you - lots of love and luck



Thanks Kay! Trying to keep busy, eek. Xxx