6 months after lletz and another abnormal smear

Hi ladies,

i I had an abnormal smear result 6 months ago and had a large area removed by lletz under general in February.

I went for my 6 month smear test two Friday's ago and received a letter on wednesday telling me the cells were abnormal again, I have an appointment for a coloposcopy on Wednesday the 12th August. I'm feeling really scared ano upset that I've got to go through this all again. Last time it was cin2 and hpv, apparently I had it done under general as it was a large area and in an awkward position.

Has anyone else been in this position? I thought once it was gone, it was gone? I'm worried it's back after 6 months and what if it's worse this time? I'm 30 and do have a daughter and really panicking.


any reassurance welcome.



Hi Daisychains,

It's just gaaahhhh isn't it?! I had CIN3 removed under LA but quite a large area too in Jan. They said with clear margins but my smear came back severe again. I too am booked in on Weds. Fingers crossed for us. Really put a dampner on our summer plans but at least we are under their watchful goggles x x x

Starting to think second LLETZ lucky is more common than I thought... X

Hi girls.  im in the same situation myself.  I didnt receive a letter to be called for the 6monthly review appointment.  They said it would be at least september when i would be called and i was meant to be called in july.  so i went ahead myself and got a smear in my GP surgery.  results came back showing some residual abnormalities, possibly severe.  so im alot more anxious this time compared to in january when i was diagnosed with cin2.  therefore, i took the iniative to book into see a consultant and have the colposcopy done privately.  i know its alot of money and i can get it done for free but i just too worried to wait around and do nothing.  I understand your anxieties girls. I just wish that i was better informed regarding is it common for abnormal cells to come back, will there be a time that i wont have abnormalities, will it affect pregancy/child birth, is there anything that i can do in regards to my diet/lifestyle to help reduce the risk of the abnormalities coming back.

Thank you for coming back to me ladie, I'm glad I'm not alone! There is no info about it coming back, so I will be asking a few questions on Wednesday! 

I hope it goes well for you all. Fingers crossed for us all! X

Hey Daisychains,

Hope it goes ok for you today. I am up later this afternoon and not looking forward to it at all. Feels like I am going in to an exam! X


How did it go today? I had 3 punch biopsies taken. If I need LLETZ again it will be under General once the results are back, there was very little that she could see, just around the edges of my last op. They are saying 2-4 weeks for biopsy results and consultant will write with a plan. The nurses were lovely as always, but I did cry a bit, even though I promised myself not to! Hope it all went ok for you. I will come back and post again once I know more.