Hi there I'm 28 and just got back from my follow up colposcopy appointment. On my original appointment it showed I had CIN 3 and moderate CGIN. I had normal margins with my LLETZ so just had my 6 monthly follow up appointment today. My doctor seemed shocked that abnormal cells had returned so quickly and advised it looks like CIN 3 but couldn't be sure. She has taken 2 biopsies and tested me for HPV (I'm not too sure if I was tested before?) She mentioned that they might not be able to perform a second LLETZ and that the consultants will look at all my notes and photos once the results have come back. I'm waiting for my results and would presume that if it was anything serious I would have been treated there and then? How long does it usually take for the results to come back. On my first colposcopy appointment I wasn't worried at all but now I am! I'm sure it's nothing and I'm being silly. 

Hi. I had the same thing on Wednesday. I had cin2 and Lletz in November then my 6 month smear was negative but still HPV. So I had a colposcopy on Wednesday and there were more abnormal cells! The consultant was surprised and did another Lletz. This time he removed from deeper down and took a lot. He wouldn't comment on whether it was cin 1 2 or 3 as he wants to wait for biopsy results. I am petrified and can't believe I have to wait 3-4 weeks.


Obviously every case and hospital is different but I was allowed 2 Lletz within 6 months of each other. Xx 

I'm afraid I can't help but just wanted to say that waiting is awful. My biopsy results took a week and a half though not 3-4 weeks.

Hope you have answers soon x

Hi Kitty & Claire

I was just wondering how this all went for you? Have you had your biopsies back yet? As you will see from my footer I am in a similar boat. I can't believe I have high grade within 6 months of what I assumed was a successful LLETZ. Hope everything is going ok for you both