Baffling letter following colposcopy/LLETZ

Hi everyone,

I just wanted a bit of advice or something. I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment on 27th March, so 2 weeks and 3 days ago. During that appointment the nurse told me that she suspected I had CGIN, and told me that if all was clear after the treatment I'd be asked for a smear in 6 months time. I understood I could wait up to 4 weeks for results which is fine. Yesterday I received a letter from the Nurse Colposcopist who did my treatment and it's left me really confused:

"Thank you for attending the colposcopy clinic on 27th March 2014. I trust you are making a good recovery from the treatment.

The biopsy taken when you had the loop excision is normal. It is important that you are aware that having once had an abnormal cervical screening test you must continue with regular follow up. There is a small chance that the pre-cancerous cell may return in the future, but providing you attend for cervical screening when you are advised to do so, any abnormal cells can be identified and dealt with promptly.

Your next cervical screening test is due in March 2017"

Few worries.....why did the letter come so early? When they say it was normal, does that mean there was nothing wrong with me to begin with? And WHY is my next screening not for three years?? That has seriously worried me, everything up to now has suggested I'd have another smear in 6 months after LLETZ as standard.

I plan on calling the hospital tomorrow to figure out what's going on. Has anyone else had this sort of thing? Feeling very confused.



Hey hunny, did they by any chance give you a grade, for example CIN 1-2 or 3? And also what was your smear test result? Did it just say abnormal or did it say borderline, mild, moderate or servere changes. Did they mention anything about you being HPV positive? Sorry for all the questions but depending on your answer I might be able to help xxx

Hey, I think they said borderline after the smear, they didn't give it a grade but at the colposcopy she said CGIN which is apparently the equivalent of CIN3 (confusing as I thought borderline was CIN1 at most). They said I was positive for HPV too. Very worrying how everything is suddenly back to normal.

Hiya, she said she thought you had CGIN which it now has came back you've not, 

your results can take anything from one week up to six weeks so I wouldn't be concerned about it

the only thing that I would be concerned is going back to normal three year screening? That makes no sense 

I thought it was yearly for CIN1 and anything higher it would be 6 months so I would defiantly be calling the clinic to 

find out why they've changed it xxx

Yes I would definitely query the 3 year screening situation as they say that if you have hpv then you need screening more often. Had you said u were hpv negative I'd of understood the 3 years thing. But as you were hpv positive it doesn't make any sense at all. Think you need to speak to your gynae about this to make sure that havent mixed it up. Sounds like they didnt find any abnormal cells at the colposcopy and lletz which is brilliant, but in my eyes if you are hpv positive then it's the hpv virus which gives you bad cells so why they would leave u 3 years I do not know. Def query this. Head up xxxx