help results back from colposcopy

Hi I just cant understand the letter I received today. It was my results from my colposcopy saying pre-cancerous changes cin3 and an appointment made for me to go back to the hospital on 31st May. The letter is saying that they have asked for a follow up appointment. I made have been referred for a repeat smear or referred for further treatment or a consultation to discuss treatment. I honestly thought after the lletz I would have to go back to doctors 6 months later for another smear test. Please if anyone could shred a bit of light on this I would be grateful. Thank you

Hi mand


I had my results over the phone today and they said cin was removed grade 2/3 with clear margins however no Cgin was found so my result will be discussed at July meeting I think so time if the margins are not clear they can do a repeat lletzs to remove the rest x

I cant shed any light on this but I can sympathise as I had Lletz done for CIN3 cells, told theyd write to me with results & smear at my docs in 6 months... nearly 3 weeks after Lletz letter through the door another appointment for 11 days later!! Errr what for? I straight away thought thats it, its CC!! This site has been amazing at keeping me sane this BH weekend. If it is CC hopefully they caught it early but hoping its not obviously... some hospitals only have face to face results but then I thought well if it was nothing they wouldnt ask me back. So obviously I need some sort of further treatment but hoping thats it...we will see!! Its very scary & frustrating plus I have a 4 & a half month baby & the thoughts going through my head!! I just wanted you to know youre not the only one & hopefully its good news for us both!! Xx