Confusion over results?

Had my colposcopy two weeks ago this Friday and have since been nervously waiting my results. At the colposcopy appointment, was told I had cin3. Rang the clinic today and couldn't get through, even after several attempts. So, rang my Drs to see if they had the results. 

The receptionist said all she could find on the system was that there were abnormalitirs on my cervix and that I didn't need any follow up. At my colposcopy appointment, I didn't have lletz, but 3 punch biopsies. 

Am very confused. Surely if it was cin3, then I was under the impression that I'd need treatment of lletz to get rid of the pre cancereus cells? As surely if those cells are left, they may develop into something more sinister? Has the drs receptionist got it wrong and should I wait for my results in the post? 

Am in turmoil over this and rather confused. Any replies would be greatly recieved. 

I think you should probably speak to a Dr rather than a receptionist. To me, it sounds more as though she has read the abnormal smear result. Try not to stress out too much and give the colposcopy clinic another try. They will probably tell you at first they cannot deliver results over the phone, but it seems they often do if they can sense we are in a bit of distress. But, if the results are on the Drs system, I think it generally means they're on their way to you as well. 

Definitely try the Colposcopy clinic again, id keep going until I got through, even if it takes a while definitely for peace of mind. Even if they just say your results are on the way can be comforting and they should be willing to discuss these with you once you get them as it can be a very confusing time, it has been for me I can tell you xx

Your Dr should also receive a copy, so maybe talk to him as maybe receptionists arent allowed access to certain information.

Hope you find out soon xx



If I only had it done two weeks ago, I wouldnt be calling the clinic. These things take time, so I would just wait until you get the letter rather than keep annoying them on the phone. To give you a timeframe, I got a letter re my first LLETZ (I have CIN3 and CGIN) three weeks to the day of having it done. The letter did not give results, but rather an appointment for 3 weeks time. I went to that appointment (so that was 6 weeks since the first LLETZ) and was told that they did not get clear margins and was about 6 months away from having cancer and needed another LLETZ. I had a quick colposcopy that day too. Two weeks later, I received an appointment for my second LLETZ which was to take place 4 weeks after that. I had the 2nd LLETZ done two weeks ago, and would not dream of contacting them. I will just sit back and wait for the letter. So all in all it was 11 weeks between my first and second LLETZ. It takes 10 years for cancer to develop, so waiting a couple of weeks isnt going to make any difference. Just try put it out of your mind, although I know thats easier said then done, but worrying isnt going to change the outcome. 

Take Care xx



17/1/15 - Smear

29/1/15 - Smear results - abnormal

16/2/15 - Informed it was CIN3. Had colposcopy and LLETZ at same time. Had infection for weeks afterwards.

9/3/15 - Received letter to come back in 3 weeks.

30/3/15 - Informed margins were unclear and also have CGIN and that 2nd LLETZ needs to be done but need to wait to heal from first one.

6/5/15 - Second LLETZ done. Awaiting results.