Confused - help!

Hi everyone. So I had the LLETZ procedure around 2(ish) years ago and it came back all fine. I just recently have been wondering if I will be invited back for another smear or anything at my doctors? I had a 'routine cytology' after my procedure and the letter says 'proving this is negative I will discharge my patient back to your care'....but I never actually heard anything after that? I have no letters or anything. Somebody I know had the same procedure and received a letter really soon after saying she won't need to have a smear test for another 3 years. Not sure who to ask or if there is a number I can call to ask! Thanks for your help :) 

Hi. Sorry to jump in on the feed but I had a smear in 

feb the results were cin1, so I had a repeat smear in 

august. i have received a letter stating I have had an 

abnormal smear result, however the letter doesnt

state what the abnormality is in terms of grading on 

cin? Is this normal? I have been advised I have a

colposcopy appointment in the post to

attend at my local hospital. Thanks for

anyone who is reading who could help me. 

Kaylerxx I would suggest calling your doctor and discussing it, from what I understand you should have a 6 month follow up.

Good luck :)

and danf2015 my letter was the same, if you call the doctor or the number fpr the colposcopy they have the same letter but will be more in depth, when I went for my treatment they said they send very basic letters out as some people do not like to know.


Try calling either the hospital or gp. I'm under the impression if you have lletz for cin2 or cin3 you generally have a 6 month checkup xxx