Results ??

So i have just recieved a call from gyno sec to tell me she has sent a letter out friday and should be with me tomorrow in this normal feel sick with worry xx had colpscopy 22nd of jan xx

if people reading this has had a letter of results what information will it tell me will it just be for a appointment or will it tell me cin grade or will it say cc 

thank you all once again xx

Hiya :)

my results letter stated I had cin2 so was advised to have lletz treatment then a few days later I recieved another letter with an appointment for the colposcopy clinic to have it removed. Mine took just under 4 weeks to arrive i don't think it means anything really if you get your results quick or have to wait longer...i think it all depends on how busy there are, area you live etc.My heart was pounding when my letter arrived I didn't dare open it at first (how silly) mine came as a shock tho as my smear only reported borderline changes then to be told it was actually cin2 was worrying! Hope you get good results :) xx

Letters can really vary depending on hospital. My most recent post Lletz letter didn't say anything about my results just that an appointment had been made to discuss. The letter I had after my first colposcopy just stated that no further treatment advised but follow up smear in 6 months. None of my letters ever said what they had found! There is usually a number on the letter you can call to discuss but in some cases the docs want to talk to you face to face esp if there could be multiple approaches possible if further treatment required. Remember further treatment doesn't mean you have cancer they may want to remove abnormal cells as a precaution. 

Fingers crossed it is good news 


Thank you butterfly s I know there is a problem as iv told on my previous posts... Really strange I started to spot this morning which is very unusual for me but could be stress all though I don't feel comfortable down below and my stomach has been bloated since I had a biopsy done xx but hopefully the news will be good.  Thank you all lady's   xxx good luck to u all xx