Very confused.


I’ve recently had a 3rd LLETZ treatment for CIN3. I just got my results back and the letter says:

I’m writing to advise you that yhr result of your recent treatment shows CIN1, 2 & 3. We would like to see you once for to repeat your smear and an appointment is enclosed.

The appointment is in April. Is this normal? I would have thought that since I’ve had the LLETZ treatment 3 times now that they’d be a bit quicker to treat it again?

I hate that they give you no information. It really is so worrying. I’ve been going through this for 2 years now and after every LLETZ I think “all will be fine this time, I’ll get the all clear” but it hasn’t happened yet!

After my most recent LLETZ I got an infection and was in so much pain. I’m not looking forward to going through it again but needs must. I think I’m going to phone the hospital as the letter has confused me but I wanted others’ experiences to kinda give me some reassurance?

Thanks for reading.

Hiya, although i haven’t had LLETZ i thought i’d reply anyway. From what ive read they maybe doing a smear in April due to having clear margins on your last treatment. I would ring the hospital to confirm this is why. Also for future advice ask to be copied into your GP letters, for everything i go to the consultant for they ask me if i would like a copy and these letters generally have more information in them. I dont know if all consultants are agreeable to this but it maybe worth a try for future peace of mind
Hope you get it all sorted soon xx

Thank you Megan. I think I’ll ask to be copied in, in future as more info is ddefinitely welcome.Having re-read the letter, I think its confirming that I had CIN 1, 2 &3 but that the treatment should have gotten rid? So my next appointmemt is for another colposcopy to check its not come back?

I just don’t get it. Its not clear at all. Definitely going to phone the clinic in the morning as I’m just confusing myself even more and worrying etc.

Incidentally we were hoping to try for another baby early next year, I guess that’s on hold for now until i get the all clear. I’m 31 now and after all these lletz I’m getting a bit concerned…but that’s another conversation for the consultant.


It is normal to wait 4-6 months to do a repeat smear. If they do it before everything is healed up properly, the results can be skewed. If the appointment is not until April, I would assume that the margins were clear, or they would want to see you sooner. You can always ask for a copy of the lab results if you’re not sure. And if you’re still not happy once you get the results, you can always try and get a second opinion. It’s your body and you need to be able to feel comfortable and confident in the treatment you are getting.