Colposcopy Results

Hi Everyone,

I'm just after a bit of your expert advice if possible please? 
I'm 33, and had a routine smear (albeit fairly overdue) back in November 2014. When the nurse did my smear test I bled quite a bit, but she advised me not to be alarmed by it, so I kind of just put it out of my head & didn't think anything else of it.
My smear test results came back as low grade changes and with evidence of high risk hpv. From there I was referred for a colposcopy, which took place just before Xmas. I felt really reassured at the colposcopy, it's not the most pleasant of experiences but the nurse said my cervix looked good and she would be surprised if she saw me again. She did however take done biopsies.
I had waited 5 weeks for results, and finally plucked up the courage to chase up results. The nurse called me back on Thursday to say my letter had been typed for a week, but not posted out to me yet!! She explained that she couldn't give me the results over the phone, but that they had been " upgraded" and she would definitely be seeing me again in a week or two!
Two days later, I received a letter which was basically a one liner saying: "The biopsies you had taken have confirmed high grade pre cancer, and you need treatment." I'm now booked in for lletz next week.
What I don't understand is when I read all of your posts you all seem to know what level CIN you have. Is it standard for biopsy results to confirm this? Have I missed something? I'm assuming this means I'm CIN3? Does anyone know or has anyone had the same letter? It was quite a shock, as I totally expected an all clear and we'll see you in a few years!
Thanks in advance for any advice everyone xx



I think it really varies by hospital what the letters  say. My colposcopy letters never said anything really other than the appointment time and date plus a generic leaflet explaining everything from a basic colp, punch biopsy, lletz, and cone biopsy. 

When I had my first colp the surgeon never said I had Cgin he just said the abnormal cells were in my cervical canal.

Second colp the lletz treatment was a surprise as letter just said I needed investigation for abnormal cells. Again the colposcopist didn't mention Cgin. I then found Jos and figured I had Cgin. It wasn't until I saw the consultant That I asked is it Cgin. Mind I have had another Colp since with different colposcopist and they talked about Cgin in detail. 


But never anything on the letters. You could call up and ask the hospital for a call back from a gynae nurse if it's driving u crazy.

This is very worrying as I also had low grade and hpv in my smear, I'm having a colposcopy in a couple of weeks, people tell me low grade isn't serious and the lowest grade in changes but clearly that's rubbish judging by your post? What happens if they don't bother doing a biopsy on me and miss a CIN3? Could be dead in 5 years? This whole CC thing is so confusing?!?!?!?

Hi Alizee,

At your Colposcopy they put a solution on the cervix that shows up abnormal cells so if this shows up they will do a biopsy so don't worry. From what I can gather it's very rare they are upgraded after biopsy but they will test you properly and they will not leave you to it with high grade cells. Even if they didn't do any treatment, you will be recalled in 6 months to a year so they would be picked up then. It's quite slow developing and you are in the system now so you will not slip through.

I know it's a very worrying time, but even if the cells were high grade they are very easily treatable. Try not to get too panicked and make a list of questions to ask at your colposcopy.

Good luck x

Thanks Fiona. What if I want to get pregnant in those 6 months? Can they do smears in pregnancy? After this scare I want a baby asap in case I cannot in future!

I think they can do smears and they would examine you closely throughout the pregnancy but they can't do treatment. I would wait and see what happens at your colposcopy first before you jump straight into thinking you need to get pregnant right away. I had high grade cells removed last year and now i've had a clear result I know I can take my time thinking about these things x



Thanks to you all for taking the time to respond. I guess I just need to wait for lletz on Thursday to find out what grade CIN the biopsies were. Pretty sure they must be CIN 3, but I've got myself a bit paranoid that it could be slightly worse - I'm sure we all put ourselves through that agony though! Chandosgirl - our timeline seems very similar, really hope your second lletz goes well for you!

 Is anyone able to tell me how they felt after lletz? Were you fit and well the next day / able to get on as normal? I know I'll probably be a bit sore, but have lots going on so can't afford to be feeling unwell!

Thanks again xx


Hi, I have had 2 lletz - and I was very scared the first time.  The injections were the most unpleasant but did not feel as sharp as a needle in your arm.  The actual Loop excisison you will not feel at all. I was fine after both I took the rest of the day off and maybe took some paracetamol but essentially felt fine.  You just need to be kind to yourself.

Hope all goes well

im borderline and high risk hpv !! due my colposcopy on the 10th feb .. hopfully if ther is anythink ther would they tell me at my colposcopy appointment ?  x