Post LLETZ bleeding with mirena coil in place

I had my procedure on 11th May, i thought I was just going for a colposcopy so it was a bit of a shock!
I have a mirena coil in place which is due for removal soon so they tried to take it out but its embedded in my uterus so I’ll have to get it removed under GA at a later date as the LLETZ would cut the strings.
I had a small amount of bleeding/watery discharge after until day 9 when I started bleeding very heavily (2 maxi pads an hour). This eased on day 10 and by yesterday (day 12) had nearly stopped.
However this morning I’ve woken up this morning and it’s really heavy and painful again. I’m really upset as i thought I was healing.
Can this keep happening for the 4 weeks? I was hoping it would only be this heavy once and slowly recover but obviously not.
Also, does anyone have experience of a mirena coil being left in after LLETZ? Everyone else seems to have them removed?
Sorry for the long post and thanks.

Update, got rushed into hospital for emergency surgery to stop the hemorrhaging. Lost over 2 litres of blood! Hoping to go home tomorrow but this has put my recovery back a bit…

Sorry to hear this. I hope you recover quickly. X