Lletz and coil removal and reinsertion recovery

Hi all, 2 weeks ago today I went in for a colposcopy and the dr informed me that if he saw what my hpv test indicated he would want to proceed with the lletz on the day. I was fine with that and let him know I had the kyleena hormonal coil which he said he would remove and replace to do the treatment if it was needed.
He did the colposcopy and said he wanted to go ahead and remove the cells so did the anaesthetic, removed my coil, did the lletz then I noticed he was opening the mirena coil to put in rather than the brand I had previously selected due to its smaller size as I have had issues with the mirena in the past. He and the nurse were really dismissive of my worries about having a different coil brand dispite my emotional concerns at the time (legs still in stirrups) and went ahead and inserted it.
I am now 2 weeks post and still struggling with bleeding and cramps. I did ring the unit last week when I was in intense pain but as I have no smelly discharge they said it was likely a combination of the cervix healing along with the coil settling in rather than an infection.
I was really trying to be positive about everything and just know that it will get better but today I am now feeling really fed up and unsure how long I am looking at for my recovery. Also maybe a bit silly but feeling annoyed that the decision as to what contraceptive coil I wanted was dismissed and instead the mirena was inserted when I didn’t want it but in the moment it’s quite hard to make a stand to say no.
Sorry really long post but basically has anyone had anything similar and if so how long was your recovery? I am also anxious that if I need any further treatment the coil is going to have to be removed again!
Thanks, sending lots of love to you all x