Post Lletz and still feeling rough

Hi, this is my first post - have been reading and following posts, which have really helped so thank you but just looking for some advice please.
To summarise, I had a colposcopy in June 21 but everything was ok.
Had a mirena coil fitted for heavy periods (difficult procedure) early 22.
Had a smear in Oct 22 (nurse found it difficult to do), needed another colposcopy and biopsy in Dec (again this was difficult due to the position of my cervix).
Following diagnosis of CIN2, had a Lletz under General Anaesthetic on 25 Jan where they also removed the mirena coil. I’m still waiting results but the consultant said there was inflammation/infection so I’ve just finished antibiotics.
The reason for posting is that I still feel awful - terrible cramping and pain, bloatedness, sore everything and just general feeling rubbish.
Is this normal? Is it because of the coil being removed? How does it affect your cycle because although the coil helped to reduce the heaviness, I still had them? Is the bleeding and pain because my period has started? I’ve no idea - I’ve having strong painkillers and hot water bottle but nothing seems to help.
Sorry for the self-pitying post, I keep telling myself to get a grip but I’m struggling!

Sorry you are feeling rubbish. I had my LLETZ on 31st Jan and am also feeling rubbish! My consultant removed my mirena coil and replaced it at the same time, which I was pleased about. However, I’m 5 days after surgery and I’m surprised how much this is effecting me. The general anaesthetic has floored me. I’m exhausted. The pain and bleeding comes and goes. It can go from having hardly any bleeding to it being quite heavy, which is disconcerting.
I suppose I’m just reaching out to say you aren’t alone. I’ve no idea why different consultants deal with the coil differently. The first I saw said he’d probably end up cutting the threads and I’d have to deal with it being removed without them when it was time to change. Not very helpful.
I’m HPV+ and had an awful experience having the coil fitted in July 2019. Went 6 weeks without one before I went to Sexual health clinic to have it fitted successfully. Am suspicious that has something to do with my subsequent diagnosis of HPV.

Thanks for replying, I appreciate it. I’m assuming that they didn’t replace the coil due to the inflection/inflammation. I was also HPV +.
As for the pain and bleeding, it’s been worse since I posted - I don’t know if this is normal? Is this a period? I feel all over the place. Hope you’re feeling better today x

I had my surgery on the 31st and I still feel really weak now. I signed myself off for the week and went back to work today which was a disaster. I’m on antibiotics (started yday) as I might have an infection, I can constantly smell myself. I am wearing thick pads (not the standard period pads) and I keep leaking through them. I’m hoping within a few days the antibiotics will kick in and help me feel better. Have you gone off your food? Since having the procedure I’ve completely lost my appetite and I’ve been so emotional. I have been reading that more and more women are feeling like this, I just wish they would of been more truthful about the after effects instead of just saying most women can resume normal activities straight after x

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Hi Char1

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. Hopefully the antibiotics will start to work soon and you’ll improve. I went back to work yesterday and came home exhausted but overall I am feeling a bit better. I think I’m over the anaesthetic so now just dealing with the after effects of the procedure.
I completely agree there should be more honest accounts of how this affects people. I’m usually pretty healthy so expected to bounce back within a few days. That has definitely not happened.
How do people go back to work the next day???