Lletz - coil removed

Hi ladies,

Had Lletz yesterday and the first thing the consultant did was remove my coil which I wasn't expecting. She said it was because the threads would be cut during treatment and I would have to have a GA when I eventually had it removed. I can have another fitted in 6 months time after my follow up smear and if I don't need more treatment.

My question to anyone who has had this is what other contraception did you use? I am 42, 2 kids and was on my third coil. I'm obviously not looking forward to a return of periods!

I have to say that the coil removal was the most painful of the whole treatment, hardly felt the needle for the la. Though I was very wobbly and sore yesterday and feel rough today. Hope this helps for anyone that has LLETZ coming up and is dreading it like I was



Hope you're able to relax while you recover, it's normal to feel a bit sore and wobbly afterwards. 

In answer to your contraception question I use the mini pill Cerazette and have no periods with it (and no side effects either). I've never had the coil though so can't help there.

Hope your results are ok and wish you all the best.

Oh no I have mine on the 2nd September and have a 

coil too so hope they don't take it out as its take a while 

to settle down as was tented to have it taken it out a while 

back as it was causing me so much pain. I've tried the pill

and it just made me eat more and put on weight something 

I've always struggled with. But have also just broken up with 

my boyfriend and it's horrible at the moment. He came with 

me to last appt and was very supportive but I won't have that now. 

when I had my biopsy though I seen my coil all on the screen.

take care xx

Hey, I had my LLETZ done the other week, and I had my coil taken out at the same time. I was lucky enough to be able to convince them to put mine back in straight away, however only because I got so upset about it. Had I have not had one put back in straight away, they said when the healing was done they would be able to put one in again (so in 4-6 weeks) howver it might be a bit more painful to do it straight away- which is why I had them put it in whilst I was still under local. I'm not sure if thats what ou want to hear, but perhaps when your healting time is up go and speak to your gp and they'll hopefully be able to put it back in sooner than you expect and hopfully whilst your still in your no sex whilst healing stage?

Hi....I had Lletz on wed 12th August....I took 2 parecetamol/2 ibuprofen before i left! I would like to say that it wasnt anywhere near as bad as i thought it was...uncomfortable yes...painful...no...hope somebody finds this reassuring.

She took out my coil.. really disappinted as in Jan this year i had ablation for heavy bleeding and my mirinea replaced...NO BLEEDING since January....fingers crossed this will be the case til my coil is replaced in 3 wks time!

3 days after Lletz ...had the mosr awful smell...was worried thst my partner or worse...colleagues wld  notice....hasnt been quite so bad today. Bleeding a little and discharge...all seems to get worse when im moving about and standing. But i hate wearing pads...the most disgusting things!...also heard that heavy bleeding/and maybe infection most likely around day 10....anybody else had this or heard it too? As im nervous.

Really worried about what the results will be...hoping they hv taken all  ad cells away but can only wait and hope.

July 14 - smear result - Hpv

July 15 - smear

Aug  3rd - moderate-severe dyskaryosis....letter scary!

Aug 12th - colposcopy and Lletz and coil removal! Grrrr

Awaiting results...scared.

Lovely to chat to ladies with  same thing going on...chins up everyone!

Jenny x


Ive been told yesterday that ive got to a colposcopy and my biggest concern is my coil being removed, I was terrified having it put in and was very uncomfortable.  Its the only form of contraception that i have been able to tolerate, the pill i got pregnant on twice, injection i was moody weight gain and had excessive breakthrough bleeding.  Im 48 and really thought that this would be the last time I had to worry about it.  Murphys law that my smear has come back with HPV. I have an awful family history of cancer, and stupidly went a year over having my smear.  Has anyone had to have it removed for colposcopy?