Mirena 3 weeks post lletz

Hi again

I had my lletz at the beginning of the week and have had severe cramps and bleeding,  the hospital saw me again today to check all is well and my cervix is healing, but I was bleeding a lot. They have told me to book an appointment at the family planning clinic in 2 weeks to have the mirena fitted again.  To stop the bleeding and have put me back on norethisterone until then, It was recommended as when the coil came out 3 weeks ago I bled for 2 weeks and they had to give me norethisterone then as all the blood loss was making me feel ill. 

My question is has anyone had this done so soon after lletz? If so does it hurt more than usual?  I have had 3 in the past and found the procedure just about bearable,  I am aware that I can have local,  but this really hurt when I had my lletz and I have now had enough of being prodded and poked.