LLETZ treatment and Stitch

I had my LLETZ treatment on the 4th October (two days ago)
I had it done under general as I really didn’t want to be awake for it. After it the doctor came around and said it went well but they had to put in a stitch due to excessive bleeding. Has anyone else had this before? I had no idea this could happen and now I’m so glad I was asleep for it as I would have really panicked if I was awake.
They said it will dissolve but that’s all. I was still coming round off the anesthetic when the doctor came to see me so I didn’t have the chance to ask any questions.
I’m worried about future pregnancies now knowing that I’ve already had to have a stitch.

I’m healing okay and bleeding is very light at the moment, just a bit crampy and back pain.

What was the bleeding like with everyone else? I’m taking it really easy as I’m paranoid of my stitch breaking and me bleeding again so I want to know what’s normal

Thanks in advanced!


I think everyone’s different when it comes to healing, I had a couple of days of very light bleeding/discharge about 3 days in which then turned to a watery discharge for about a week or so. Then yesterday evening I had heavy bleeding (like a gush, fortunately I was at home) and passed a clot. Luckily bleeding stopped within the hour as I really panicked!

Definitely continue to take it easy :slight_smile:

Hi blackdiamond. I read your thread about having mirena removed? Did they take it out? If so, we are the same… I was advised to take progrsterone pill to help control bleeding as my body was used to mirena for years! I got it Hana from superdrug over the counter as I couldn’t wait for gp prescription. I was also on codeine for pain…

Do take it easy and keep an eye on the bleeding and dont hesitate to call your gp or colposcopy clinic for advise as they would know your particular case more than anyone. You’re not alone… We’re here ready to listen…

Hi! Yes they did remove it, so not sure if that is what caused the bleeding or the LLETZ.
Thankfully I’m only bleeding very lightly at the moment so the stitch seems to have done its job. I’m nervous of my first period coming back and have no idea when that will be ><
I hope the pills are helping you and it eases for you soon! Did you have to have a stitch? I’ve never read of anyone having a stitch after having LLETZ or mirena removal

Hi yes all good for me thank you. I did not have any stitches so do take it easy…