After the LLETZ - heavy bleeding and tampon

Hi guys,

I'm after a bit of advice. I had the LLETZ treatment nearly 3 weeks ago now. I have had all the normal symtoms afterwards such as clear discharge, spotting, horrific hormonal moodswings, but out of nowhere - I'm suddenly waking up covered in blood, to which it then eases and happens again a couple of days later. I am having period type pains, glands are up in my throat and armpits and I had the Mirena Coil removed too so it might be due to this.

BUT - because I can't really wear the gigantic pads at the moment, I've popped a couple of tampons in to ease it. I've just taken one out and it really hurt and the top of the tampon material, became stuck inside. A very small amount but I'm now worried its stuck to the healing area or something - these crazy thoughts that go around in your head hey! I tried to locate it and can feel it but it does seem stuck. Its a very small amount.

Any advice on the sudden heavy bleeding/tampon disaster would be grateful accepted! Apologies for the graphic content too! 


Hi You poor thing. stop using tampons straight away they are a big no no. The will prevent would healing and increase your risk if infection. The heavy bleeding may be caused from the use if tampons irritating the would site or a possible wound infection. if your soaking through pads you need to contact the hospital as you will need to be checked out. Bleeding for up to 6 weeks is normal, but excessive bleeding is not. Sorry fir the rushed reply

Definitely agree, stop using tampons immediately...I had mine done just over a week ago and have gone through clear watery discharge, and am onto the heavy bleeding stage, but I too am wondering if this is normal.

I'd contact the consultant personally (ill be doing this if mine continues and after the bank holiday). But it's likely the tampons have cause more damage :( x

Hi Guys,

Thank you for replying! The doctor advised that I may be bleeding due to my mirena coil being taken out and it may just be a period. I did mention that it didn't look similar to a period as it's very bright red, thin blood. He said to wait 7 days to see if it's over and if it's still heavy after 4 weeks - to go to the doctors. It's been 8 days now - I had a day where it was lighter and then today it's very heavy again - I have enormous pads so I don't get through one an hour at all but something just doesn't feel right.


I'm sat having stabbing pains down below and my groin glands are starting to be painful today. I don't however, have any discharge and nothing is smelly! I don't know if I'm just being OTT - oh the joys!


I got the piece of tampon out and haven't been wearing any!


Hey! Sorry you're having a bad time, I had something similar, I started bleeding very heavily, to the point I was taken to a+e, and to be told I had an infection, I didn't have any symptoms of an infection! Did your gp have a look down there or take any swabs? Bearing in mind swabs take quite a while to come back to the gp, if you are still unsure and want a quicker answer, go to your local a+e and tell them what's up xx


Edit: I phoned my gp and told them I was bleeding after having lletz and they told me to 'rest up' and I ended up going to the hospital, I don't think they realise how serious it can be, because it's not their area of expertise.

Thanks Leanne - yes I phoned and that's what they said!

My bleeding has randomly stopped but I'm still having period type pains and my groin glands keep feeling like they're up and down. I also went to the toilet earlier and there was a HUGE amount of thick white/browny coloured discharge - more on the whiter side - I just don't know if all this is normal - it's stressing me out!!