Post coital bleeding and abnormal smear


I went to my GP 2weeks ago because I had bleeding after sex it was a lot of blood. My GP did a smear test which was my first one. My cervix bled when she did it. She also booked me for an ultrasound. My smear test came back as high grade dyskaryosis and I have been referred to the colposcopy clinic on Wednesday. My scan showed that I had a cyst in my ovary that has burst so I have been referred to a Gynaecologist. I am very scared as I have been having gynae problems since having my daughter 4 years ago. Does anybody know if they will tell me anything at my colp appointment also does it hurt? 

Hi just to let you know I had a lot of bleeding after sex and ignored it for nearly two years, I also bleed after my smear and also had high grade dyskariosis but this was all it was darling! You will more than likely need the Lletz procedure which is not that bad and remember it's taking away the bad cells before anything gets more sinister.  I was terrified but dyskariosis is not cancer. The Lletz is not painful infact I had no pain whatsoever apart from the injection that feels a bit like a pulling sensation, far less painful then my last filling at the dentist! As for the cyst in the ovary I am sorry to hear about that bless you but I'm sure they will deal with that ASAP also. Take a breath relax and remember it's been caught early and you will now have those nasty cells removed - you are in the best hands xxx