Bleeding after sex, so worried

So my story so far…

First smear 2016 showed Dyskaryosis, had the lletz procedure. No hpv

Smears all clear since then, last smear was Feb 2022.

For the past few months I’ve had spotting after sex lasting 5 to 6 days each time. I’m on the implant so don’t really get periods (had this put in at the same time as my smear in Feb)
Finally went to the GP a couple of weeks ago.
He arranged for swabs to be taken to rule out infection etc.
Has those and had heavy bleeding for 5 to6 days :pensive:
They came back all clear so I called the GP surgery and asked for an appointment as I will now need a referral to gyne.
I’m so worried, I can’t get a telephone appointment with the gp till Tuesday.

Any advice welcome x

Hi Hello24 and welcome

There could be a number of reasons for your symptoms so, easy to say, try not to jump to worst case conclusions. I’m no expert but I would say that as you have a history of clear smears over the past few years it’s very unlikely you have cervical cancer. You’re doing the right thing by contacting your GP, although I can empathise about the frustration and fear that can build up whilst waiting for appointments.

It’s very tempting to google to try and self diagnose when one’s feeling worried about symptoms; my main advice would be to try and avoid Google because it will more than likely confuse and cause more anxiety.

I hope you get some answers soon, let us know how you get on.


Did you find out what was causing to bleed. I had abnormal cells found in a smear had lletz then follow up smear clear. Now I’m bleeding after sex they won’t do a smear because I’m not due one now till next March. They’ve done bloods and swabs. And referee me non urgently to gyno.

Aww it’s so worrying isn’t it. I’ve had bleeding after sex on and off since having my letz around the same time as you. I’ve recently been back and been diagnosed with Ectropion, had diathermy treatment this time so hoping it will stop. That’s more than likely what’s causing yours too. Xx