post llezt bleeding after sex (tmi)

Hi all, I wasn't really sure where else to go.... after my lletz I gave it the full 4 weeks before trying to do the deed. The first and second time were fine, no pain or bleeding and I was quite happy with it all. But now after the third time last night (it wasn't rough or for very long) I have had some blood in my discharge today (sorry if tmi) and slight cramping, I am on the depo injection and don't have periods. I was wondering if this is normal or something I should go to the gp about? Thanks for any replies xx 

Hi not_sure, I think that if you are worried that it might be an idea to go to the GP, just to put your mind at rest. The lady who did my colposcopy said to me that it can take up to 6 months for your body to completely settle down after a LLETZ, which I thought seemed a long time, but she said that it is quite normal. It is another reason why they wait 6 months for the next smear. So maybe it is very early days after all. I would just go to put your mind at rest. Sorry I dont have any more helpful info xx

Hi thanks for your reply :) I think the entire situation has just left me freaked out by anything going on down there. I'm due to see him next week after some blood tests so will mention it then. Thanks again xx

Hi hun ive had sex twice since lletz and both times have had a pinkish discharge but not bright red and literally goes after wiping confused on it "/ not sure if to ring or if it all still healing x

Mine was bright red streaks, am guessin it's just gonna take time to heal completely. I just panic now at every symptom because it was such a stressful situation. I don't think I'll relax completely until I get a clear smear tbh. I rang the hospital and requested a more detailed version of my results which I should have soon. I think this may put me a bit more at ease. Hope you're doing ok xx

Hi lovely Jo's Formum ladies,

I am having a very similar experience.

I had electro cautery to my cervix to treat a large ectropion that bled alot and also CIN1.

Waited 4 long weeks until I could have sex again. First two times were fine, just a small amount of pinkish discharge after. Then the third time I had loads of bright red fresh blood during sex, way to kill the mood.

My gyno did say to expect bleeding the first time, but I'm worried I've had sex too soon and have messed up the healing process and given myself an infection

Does any one else have experience of bleeding after treatment to your cervix? I'm hoping that it just hasn't had time to heal yet. My Dr also suggested cauterization to stop the bleeding, but then that would mean another 6 weeks without sex!

Does anyone have experience of this just settling down. Any hope in this grim situation would be much appreciated.

Awww I'm sorry you've experienced this, it is just gonna take time I think, everyone's different. I've had streaks of blood and pink discharge but nothing heavy. Is it possible this is a period for you? Xx

Nope definitely not my period. Am going to see the Dr who did the treatment on Thursday and see what they say. Fingers crossed it's just healing stil.


Has everything with yours cleared up now? xx