Bleeding after sex

hi guys! It's been a while. Since having Lletz in 2013 I've had 2 miscarriages and a ruptured ectopic which lead to losing my left tube. My question is, has anyone suffered prolonged heavy bleeding after sex and it was due to Lletz? I've been bleeding since last night with my partner. Usually I have a little bleed after sex but this is like a period with clots and everything. I've been to out of hours Dr but he thought it's due to lletz and said there were no female doctors around so couldn't examine me. Bit worried

I've been told, any kind of bleeding after sex, is not normal. 

I would book to see your GP tomorrow. 


Smear- 18th feb 

results- 6th March- high grade dyskaryosis 

13th March- coloposcopy and treatment 

Dr called me back and said that she doesn't think it's anything serious but to go see her next monday


i experienced light bleeding after sex and was given antibiotics for infection which seemed to clear it up. 

The he main thing is to to check everything out with your doctor. I know it worried my loads Until I did.

hope you're ok.