Since biopsy having bleeding after sex.

So results from first smear showed high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. Colposcopy and biopsy done. Biopsy come back with nothing abnormal but smear still high grade dyskaryosis. So booked in for a lletz procedure in the next couple weeks.

The reason I’m writing is that since my biopsy I’ve noticed that after intercourse with my partner I’m bleeding. It ranges from spotting to almost a very light period and can start straight after or up To 36 hours afterwards. I know with bleeding after sex you should get it checked out but just wondering whether to wait it out and bring it up when I go for my lletz procedure? Or do I ring them beforehand? ( should also say I’m on the mini pill and don’t normally get any periods. )

Thanks in advance x

Hi Jade,


I'm in a similar situation; had my colposcopy just over 2 weeks ago and a small biopsy was taken. I had light bleeding after biopsy for a week and still have a heavier than normal discharge, but hoping that is part of the healing.


Nurse advised no sex, exercise or bathing for a week, which I adhered to; I only actually had sex for the first time a couple of days ago (2 weeks after biopsy) and noticed light spotting afterwards. Again, hoping it is because of the biopsy, perhaps I should have waited slightly longer...seems like everyone is told different.


Anyway, if anyone has any advice about whether bleeding after biopsy is normal or not I would be really grateful. Sorry I'm not much help Jade, but reassuring that it's not just me! Good luck xx

Hi lucye 


thanks for commenting I'm also thankful that I'm not the only one. I too adhered to waiting a couple weeks until sex and exercise. I actually rang my local colposcopy clinic earlier regarding it and just asked some advice and they have advised that because it's been so long since mine that I should go to my gp and ask him to check because the biopsy shouldn't have effected anything.


She suggested that sometimes there could be a slight infection or even a polyp so I've booked in to see my gp next week Because I'm still over 3 weeks away from my lletz. Not sure if that's any help to you?


Thanks :)