Bleeding after sex

I had an abnormal smear in May 2013, followed by two LLETZ treatments in July and late August for glandular abnormalities. There were no clear margins after the first one, so they did a second, which came back all clear with no abnormalities in the area removed.

Since the second lletz I have been bleeding very very slightly after sex - just some pink tinged discharge really. This had reduced to the point that it was barely noticeable - I probably only spotted it because I was looking! Last night however, I had sex twice, and during and after the second time there was quite a bit of bleeding - not bright red, but a lot of pink discharge.


I've booked an appointment with my GP for next week to discuss this, but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about whether this is normal? I think it is likely to be related to incomplete healing in some way - it seems so unlikely that less than 3 months after an all clear lletz I would have abnormal cells that were so sever tey would cause bleeding. I had no symptoms at all of any sort before my abnormal routine smear in May. But I'm worried now.

i feel your pain, this is me also hun

Hi Ladies,

I suffered from post-coital bleeding following my Lletz back in February as late on as August. I brought this up at my 6 month check up and when the surgeon took a look he said there was an area where I hadn't healed at all, which he said was normal because I had such a large area removed at my Lletz. They cauterised the wound and since then everything seems to be ok.

As you had two Lletz, this could be something similar. Definitely go speak to your GP and get it checked out.

Good luck both of you x