Post-LLETZ, post-sex very light bleeding

Dear Ladies

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank-you to all for being so honest, comforting, and open on this site. It has been a real comfort to me over the past three months.

Following a high-grade abnormal smear, I was treated for severe dyskaryosis with LLETZ nearly six weeks ago, and am waiting for biopsy results. I am a super-keen runner and the idea of not running for a month was horrific but I managed it, since of course health is the first priority. I also, on doctor's orders, refrained from having sex with my boyfriend, at least until the four weeks had passed. Since then, we have resumed our sex life pretty much as normal. There was a tiny bit of bleeding when we first did so, but I thought this was my period, which was due (and did indeed then come). Then, a week later (we live in different cities!), we had sex again this weekend and - sorry for TMI - a bit more vigorously, and today I have had a bit of light spotting, bright red spots, in very small quantities. Have any of you ladies experienced this? I also resumed running last week (albeit very minimally) and I wonder if the combination of the running and the sexual activity might have caused the wound to rupture? All advice appreciated.

Thanks again -and sending lots of love and strength to the wonderful women on this site.

Rowan xx


Hi Rowan,

I had my LLETZ done 4 weeks ago (tomorrow) i know i should have waited a bit longer but had sex on saturday (with my husband) i had slight spotting but nothing to be concerned about (i am also a week late on my period) we had sex again last night and now i am quite heavy, i hope it is just my period finally coming along! It takes a while for your cervix to fully recover from the surgery, keep monitoring it and if you are still experiencing it in a few weeks make an appointment with your GP.

Trudy x

Thanks so much for your reply, Trudy. Sorry for the delay. Work is crazy. It sounds to me as if that is likely to be your period. It often happens to me that if I have sex a bit before my period is due, I get a bit of blood; it kind of 'brings it on' (not exactly scientific, but hey!). I think I will remind my boyfriend to be a bit less vigorous for a bit though!

Really glad for you that the MRI and CT scan came back clear. What kind of treatment will follow? Is it further LLETZ? My letter turned up today and I feel incredibly lucky that they haven't found signs of cancer: my lesions were CIN3 and so now it's back to further smears. 

Sending you lots of love and strength.