Sex after biopsy?

Hi ladies,

So I had a colposcopy and biopsy on Monday, I THINK it was a punch biopsy she didn’t really tell me think she just got on with it because I was so nervous!
Anyway I’ve had very little bleeding/discharge and passed a blood clot of some sort the next day followed by a little bleeding and had nothing more.
Anyway she told me wait a week before having sex… is this long enough? just worried it’s going to hurt or I’ll bleed and have to deal with the embarrassment of that, what are your experiences?


Hi Tia,

I thought it was 4 weeks after to prevent infection? I also thought it was the same for having a bath, oh how I love soaking in the tub!

Give the helpline a call, theyre really helpful, or the NHS helpline?

Good Luck! X


I was told a week after having two biopsies. I am now on a four week wait after having LLETZ.

Good luck with your results.

Thank you, risked it last night after nearly two weeks and all was fine (phew) 

sorry to hear you've had to go through some treatment hopefully you won't have much more! not nice having our lady parts messed with!