Sex post Colposcopy

Hi All,

I had my colposcopy 2 weeks ago today and had a punch biopsy done, I had two taken.

I was told no sex for 5 days or until the discharge/bleeding had stopped, it had stopped so on Friday I thought I would be ok for sex, however during sex I started bleeding I haven't bled since just had some brown discharge (sorry for the detailed information)

Do you think this is just because my cervix hasnt had long enough to heal?

Any help is much appreciated.



Hi hun

That must have freaked you out a little!

After my biopsies I was told to wait four weeks, so it might be that it was just a little soon.

I remember that after 2 weeks I still felt pretty 'tampered with' down there so I wouldn't be surprised if you have not healed fully. Maybe just give it a couple more weeks :)


Yes it really scared me, didnt expect that to happen.

I'm definately going to give it a couple more weeks now before we try again :(

It changes from person to person. I waiting around a week and was absolutely fine, but if you're still bleeding then best to wait till you feel 100%