sex after biopsy

So, I attempted sex for the first time since my biopsy and cauterising just this week. I think its been about 6 weeks since the procedure and my results showed just viral abnormalities...anyway, the first time was fine but the second time caused some light bright red bleeding. Im starting to freak out... im abroad at the minute and cant call my consultant but wondered if anyone else has had somilar experiences after a procedure...

Thanks in advance

im confused when did you have the biopsy taken? you said in your first line this week then mention its been 6 weeks since the procedure? Was is a surgery procedure you had or colposcopy biopsies.

I have had some light coloured discharge pink/brown after colposcopy biopsies not everytime but it has happend I have also passed what looks like a scab from the biopsies. Montior it, if it gets darker or continues for more than two days or happens again next time I would definately seek a professional opinion.




Funnily enough same happened to me after LLETZ. We DTD for the first time and all was fine, then the second time I blead after - which had never happened before. That was 6 weeks post op. I needed a follow up LLETZ so just put it down to bad cells still being in there x

Ah sorry, fairy, i meant i did the deed this week for the first time... think i was posting half asleep! Thanks for your advice... the bleeding was really only spotting but i am definitely goin to keep an eye on it!  Lemoncat, i didnt need any follow up-the view at colposcopy was very very mild changes which the consultant considered less than cin1 and the biopsy confirmed only viral changes... hopefully it isnt anything sinister right now... is it possible that some of us just take a little longer to heal?