scared - bright red blood

I had a colposcopy and biopsy nearly 3 weeks ago and I had a lot of bleeding that went on for 4 days afterwards. This then seemed to clear up although when I had sex 13 days after the biopsy I had fresh blood again. I haven't had sex again since but I am now on my first period since the biopsy and it seems heavier and longer than normal. On top of that the blood seems a lot brighter red than my normal menstrual blood so I'm really scared it's being affected by my cervix and there's alll this fresh bleeding. Did anyone else experience similar? I just want it all to feel normal again!

Hi had a colposcopy on the 23rd Dec and had 2 biopsies taken i only had a little bleeding after but the first time i had sex i bled a little and the bloody mucus made all my outside bits sting this cleared up by morning tho and didn't have sex again for a couple of weeks,I was given a leaflet after my colp with info on there wasa number of the nurses at the clinic you can ring and speak to a nurse i did and they were very helpful and kind give them a ring it will put your mind at rest x