Pain after sex with colposcopy

They took a few cells during my colposcopy, which I think was a small biopsy. There wasn't a lot of explanation for me because I was quite stressed out and the nurses were mostly trying to distract me, but I'm pretty sure it said biopsy on the sheet they gave me afterwards.


On the sheet they gave me it said once the bleeding had stopped I'd be ok to resume having sex and other stuff like that. It also said it would take 3-4 days. I went for the colposcopy on friday. So yesterday I didn't bleed at all and so me and my partner had sex. Sex felt normal but afterwards I was bleeding.


Today I have woken up with some pain inside, very minimal to what it was before but definitely there. It's worrying me.


The only thing I can think of is we probably disturbed the wound. Now would I take this as a sign to give it another 3-4 days before trying sex again? As I am not now bleeding but I don't want to mess things up in there.


Any advice or similar experiences would help me right now!



Hi kerry, I would just call the clinic to double check what the treatment was. If it was just a punch biopsy I would probably give it a couple of weeks of no sex, no tampon, no bath just shower. Just to give it time to heal undisturbed x