2nd colposcopy because of post coital bleeding

I had my first smear and colposcopy back in feb which came back high grade dyskaryosis and had the leep done at colposcopy. Results came back CGIN and cin3 which surprised me, recently I've been bleeding in between periods and after sex with lower back pain. Worried something sinister is going on so got my gp to refer me back to colposcopy and my appointments tomorrow! Anyone been in this situation? What were the outcomes? Suffer with anxiety xx

Did they get clear margins when you had your Lletz done?

Hi I remember your previous post and was wondering how you were getting on or if you had been back to the colopscopy clinic yet.

I had my Lletz on the 2nd April for CIN 3, my first 2 periods after Lletz have been really painful i had also been getting a few pains in my lower back and twinges in the tops of my legs. I have also noticed an increased amount of discharge lately which was starting to worry me so i went to see my GP and she had a look at my cervix and said that it all looked fine and also took some swaps to rule out an infection. The swab results have come back with no infection present so she thinks it is just my cervix still healing. Apparently it can take about 4 months for you cervix to completely heal.

This may be what is happening with you the bleeding might be that you cervix hasn't healed yet and sex is aggravating it which is causing the bleeding. Its good that you have been referred back to the colposcopy clinic as they are the experts and should be able to tell you staight away what the problem is. I know its really worrying i have been worring about every ache or pain ive had since i first got my smear results it was my first smear so i know how you feel.

Good luck tomorrow i hope it all goes well and you get sorted, let me know how you get on. xx


Thanks for your replies, I think they did say clear margins but I'm not sure. I hope it is just my cervix healing I know they took a lot off with the last procedure. This whole situation has just reinforced my health anxiety and I just get so paranoid about everything. I will post after my appointment tomorrow xx

II had something similar after my first lletz and I too had significant amounts removed, by the time I got checked out I was having pretty bad post coital bleeding that was getting worse and had worked myself up over what it could be, turned out it was an ectropian (cervical erosion) which is totally nothing serious and was easily treated with silver nitrate, not a pleasant procedure but its quick and effective. Ive had no further trouble although I have my suspisions that the lletz was the cause of the ectropian as I have never had trouble before and not been on the pill for over 20 years.


Hi Natbag,

How did you get on at the colposcopy? I hope you got everything sorted xx

Hi everyone 

well the very nice doctor had a look and said my cervix looks to be healed well, she said the bleeding was coming from inside the cervix and I actually saw it on the screen (wish I hadn't). She told me I need to go back to my go and ask for a scan of my womb. She repeated the smear and took some biopsies just in case so I will wait up to six weeks for those back. Feel a little better now although I passed out on the hospital bed lol xx