Hi everyone, new member post!!

I had clear smear at 25/26 years, then had an abnormal smear at 29/30, colposcopy and punch biopsy was done which showed CIN1. Advised they should go by themselves but follow up in 3 months which showed no change so another follow up smear 3 months later. But I became pregnant so had to wait.

My baby was born in july and I had my smear done 6th november. I received my results 25th november which showed HPV+ and high grade dyskaryosis and that a colposcopy appointment would follow.

The colposcopy appointment was on 5th december. As soon as I was there the consultant was talking about treatment that day but as I was on my period she wouldnt do it. She had a look and instantly said area of too large to take a biopsy from so would need to come back for treatment anyway. She said its definitely a higher grade than previous colposcopy, at least CIN2 but probably higher.

They rang me on 11th December and booked me in for 12th (yesterdsy). She performed LLETZ, it wasnt smooth and it one bit was tougher to get through she then had trouble stopping the bleeding from that area so had to put a couple stitches.

I’m obviously worrying my little head off, but even more so because my periods have been extremely heavy (soaking through orange tampon and night time pad within hour and half for first 3-4 days), persistent pain in lower back and pain during sex. I put the first two symptoms down to post baby body and the third to my partner being well endowed, and although he causes some pain at the start of sex it always eases but not anymore, the pain is constant and uncomfortable.
Also the fact that within 1 year the cells developed and progressed to a higher grade is worrying me.

Anyone have similar stories that have been ok and not the C word. What was your outcome? Xx

Hi Jimjam, Sorry to hear that you are in this position. I had a similar situation in terms of my first smear at 26 being normal and at 30, I recieved an abnormal smear as Severe Dyskariosis, I had also had a biopsy 2 weeks before my smear results which only said CIN 1 and 2. I did however unfortunately have a very small area of Cervical Cancer, a 0.1mm tumour to be exact. Whilst I don't want to scare you with telling you that, the positive side is that they caught it so early I did not need any other treatment other than a second LLETZ, therefore the smear and colposcopy has done its job. It's very rare for cervical cancer to develop so quickly into a huge tumour that requires further treatment and if, which is his really unlikely to be cervical cancer, it's more likely to be the same scenario I was in where it can be treated quickly and minimally invasively. It's rare for a cancer to develop in 4 years like I did for me, it's more of a chance that it's just abnormal cells. Also, there's no time frame between how quickly cells can change between CIN 1/2/3 then cancer if it ever turns to cancer. Someone told me that they can regress and progress at different rates depending on the individual and also our immune system which will try and fight off any cancers cells and HPV. I didn't have any symptoms with my cancer as it was so early. And those symptoms can be lots of differing reasons, our mechanics as women can be some what complicated and temperamental at times! 

I know this is all rubbish and scary, nothing will stop that sinking feeling until you know what you're dealing with but know that the NHS professionals who work in colposcopy are amazing and go in with your questions and I know it's very cliche but take each day, each appointment, each bit of news and information one at a time, otherwise you will start to panic. And stay away from google if that's something you've been doing, I wanted to know everything about everything and in hindsight I just wound myself up more. The Jo's helpline is amazing and really helped me to understand everything. 


Take Care, and know if you need to chat you're welcome to private massage me.