Advice needed please.

I am a newbie to this site so I might ramble a bit on my first post. I was looking to see if any of the brave ladies on tis site had any advice or any similar experience to mine. 

I have been having 6 monthly smears for the best part of ten years now (it is truly becoming an ordeal !!) I had CIN 3 in 07 and lletz treatment to remove cells. I had my latest smear in February and my result came back high grade dysplasia another colposcopy arranged for 1 week after smear result back. I went to colposcopy and the gynaecologist said during the chat that it would probably be a matter of more lletz which e would do there and then without even have had a look , I freaked out a bit as I hadn't thought he would do lletz straight away I assumed it would be biopsy first the same as before. Lletz procedure I find quite horrific ! So I basically bottled it and left with an appointment to return in 2 weeks time when I had prepared myself for more lletz. As well as the smear result I had also been having post coital bleeding so I am panicked . I returned to colposcopy on 25 March and had colposcopy followed by lletz and I'm currently awaiting results. ( nearly 4 weeks so I'm taking that as a good sign ) but I'm scared folks this just seems to be a saga that is going on too long and I just want to be normal as in a smear test every 3 years. After the last lletz treatment the gynaecologist said he couldn't really see any obvious reason for the high grade smear result but he was having a good look and a very long thorough lletz treatment. So I'm confused as to why that would be and what would happen next. Any advice greatly appreciated. ( that's if anyone can understand my rambling !!! ... Sorry ) 


Anyone ? Xx

Hiya, I can't relate to you because Iv only had my first and hopefully last round of Lletz for CIN3

i feel for you I couldn't imagine going through this every six months you're so brave! Iv read on here that

reacurring CIN3 is because of the virus HPV some people can fight this off themselves others can't, I don't know what the

consultant will want to do, may be dramatic but if I had been going through what you have for the last ten years I would be at my wits 

ends and just ask for them to give me a hysterectomy dramatic I know, have theh tested you for HPV? 



Hi i totally understand your situation , i too have been having problems for quiet a while starting in around 2006 with mild changes, next smear CIN1 HPV positive.

Colposcopy and biopsy. Nothing done just yearly smear . I have had yearly smears since resulting in a Lietz after biopsy came back with grade CIN3 and HPV positive in 2010.

I had 2 clear smears but have just been for a smear in Feb and HPV positive diagnosed . Had colposcopy 2 weeks ago and 3 biopsy as whiting found on my cervix . im now waiting on results but was told if any problems it will be another Litz procedure so im dreading my results coming back.

It does get tiring and gets you down as every year that time comes you always wish this one is clear after having 2 clear ones i thought i was nearly there but yet again im wating for results.

We just have to think positive and think at least there keeping a close eye on us. Fingers crossed xx

Thank you so much for the replies ladies. They haven't mentioned if they have been testing for hpv but after finding this site and reading up on all things to do with smears , colposcopy and lletz etc surely they must have. I have an ever growing list of questions to ask at next appointment. Is it safe to assume that the longer the results take to come back the better the result ? Xx

I wouldn't assume anything to be honest obviously if it gets to 5 weeks and you e still not heard I would assume that, 

but from what iv read on here I would say three weeks is usually the max for any CC diagnosis, how old are you if you don't mind me asking? I know 

that to be tested for HPV you have to be over 30 in my area anyways and I'm only 29 so iv not been tested for it which sucks really seems

iv had CIN3 so I would like to know weather I have it or not xx